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So, what is Rift? Rift is a post-apocalyptic werewolf roleplay created by both Silvae and Skiecrow. The story is set in Point Grey, British Columbia. There, an entire pack of werewolves has managed to create a sanctuary from the wreckage of a highly contagious plague called The Snap. The plague decimated most of the world's population, but werewolves remained immune.

The Point Grey pack call themselves the Kahlites, and they continue to guard the borders of Point Grey from the Infected that still sometimes drift through the Pacific Spirit Forest, even three years after the initial contagion hit Vancouver.

Now, that explains Rift and what it's about, but it doesn't quite explain why we need a Wiki. To be frank, things got complicated and all the members were just too damn brilliant. They started expanding upon the world we created, adding a whole new layer of realism to Rift. Unfortunately, it's pretty difficult to document all that detail on one little forum.

WikiRift can contain absolutely anything related to Rift. That includes:

  • in-character events
  • characters and their backgrounds
  • setting/location descriptions
  • post-apocalyptic culture
  • pack dynamics and inter-pack relations
  • details pertaining to Gifts, Callings or Phases
  • human life in Point Grey
  • etc!!!!

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