Alano del Monte

Roleplayer: Sunreon

Date of Birth: December 5th, 1940
Phase: Feros
Gift: Regeneration
Calling: Judgment's Calling
Pack: Rogue

Alano "El Lobo Diablo" del Monte (born December 5th 1940) is a rogue werewolf. Among were society he has chosen the name "Kiran." He participated in the Cuban Revolution and is notable for having a human alpha for the first part of his life.

Physical Appearance

Had he unlimited nutrition as a child, Kiran would have truely been an unbelievable giant among men in the era he was born in. As it were, he is stunted to 6'3". He once had a well-fed soldier's body in his younger years, but that has settled to the sustainable mass of a powerful survivor. His genetics and upbringing were that of an agricultural worker, so the needed strength never goes away. As human years go, he appears to be in his 40s, or late 30s with a hard life, but those familiar with werewolf aging will note that he is beginning the decline of age.

Kiran's face is craggy and harsh, never mistaken for a younger man by weres, a fierce countenance with deep-sunk perpetually squinting eyes that have circles underneath them so dark as to be carved. His cheekbones protrude, fighting the gravity that pulls at his flesh. He has a habit of pulling his mouth to one side when he is uncertain or when he is thinking. His voice is deep, gravelly, mumbled.

There's only one word to properly describe the hair of Alano del Monte, and that word is "mane." Short and tousled or down to his shoulders, Kiran's gun-steel grey hair has a wavy mind of its own. A streak of silver rises from a scar on the left side of his forehead. His facial hair, generally kept manageably clean or a light stubble, can become remarkably hirsute if left to its own devices. In fact, he's hairy in general, with loose black body hair covering his chest and spreading down his limbs all the way to his digits.


The revolutionaries nicknamed Alano del Monte "Lobo Diablo" for his supernatural size and peculiar appearance. Easily twice the size of even larger canis lupus, he is built for sheer bulk and bull-like power. His build is proportionally thicker than canis lupus, more appropriately likened to the extinct canis dirus. His fur is the same shining grey as his human hair, with a matching silver streak on his head.

Fireblooded Stats
A ranger in Yellowstone once confused a Fireblooded Kiran for an escaped Kodiak Bear after sighting him at night. He has a hump of muscle over his shoulders similar to that foreign species, and a broad face with a slightly shorter muzzle, more appropriate for crushing than cutting and tearing as some other weres. He has thicker ruffs of fur on his shoulders, around neck, feet, and groin.

  • Height: 6'3" quadruped; 12'1" duoped
  • Weight: approx. 1500 lbs


Extensive history of needing to use his Regeneration in combat situations. He specializes in deep inner tissue healing, capable of surviving multiple gunshots and regenerating substantial organ and muscle damage in only a matter of days. Surface tissue can take longer to heal, skin bruises and scrapes being left to heal naturally — at a were's rate of healing, this also means a few days. Blood from surface wounds does congeal and scab at a Regen rate to prevent damage from blood loss, but the tissue itself heals at a natural rate.

He also experiences the benefit of a constant slow expression of his Gift from the days of being a revolutionary, meaning that the wear and tear of everyday life is practically non-existant, and while he is subject to chemical effects and toxins, the physical damage from them heals within an hour. It's surely saved him from the terror of cancer, given his smoking habit.


He's good-natured, if a bit rough around the edges. A hearty slap on the back that accidentally knocks you over a little, that type of thing. But he means well. He likes dark rum, cigars, the rush in his veins from hunting.

His Calling drives him to right injustice. Or, rather. To punish it. Alano is the wrath incarnation of Judgement. He holds opinions that there are certain actions which are completely unforgivable, no matter how much you may atone. And you must pay for them. He cannot ignore something he has witnessed or heard about, it's always in his mind, and eventually drives him crazy until he does something about the perpetrator.


  • Birthplace: Granma Province, Cuba
  • Education:
    • bilingual in Spanish and English
    • relatively basic literacy in both languages
    • lapsed ability to speak Quechua
  • Religion: lapsed Roman Catholic/Santeros
  • Sexuality: heterosexual


Alano del Monte was born a 'campesino' to farmers living in the mountains of Granma Province that worked on coffee planations in 1940. Batista had just been elected, and over the next 15 years the political climate changed dramatically and he saw and felt the effect on his family as they were pushed farther and farther into destute poverty. In 1956, Fidel Castro landed in the Sierra Maestra.

Alano was drawn to the revolutionary Che Guevara, taken in by the man's speeches and undying beliefs. It was Che who taught Alano to read and write. Alano joined the revolutionaries at the age of 17. It was soon after that he experienced his first Change. Rather than being reviled by his abilities and monstrous appearance, the revolutionaries embraced him and trained him to be further useful as a guerilla soldier. This is when he gained the nickname of "El Lobo Diablo." Given his size, all of his clothes and fatigues had to be custom-altered.

Castro was never the leader in Alano's mind. His loyalty was unerringly fixated on Guevara, seeing him as Alpha. He insisted on being in Guevara's column during every encounter. His Calling was enamored with Guevara's ideals. Che's infamous ruthlessness and zealous executions fit Alano's Judgement like a glove. He felt as though he were made for this life. He could help the people. They appreciated his ability for what he could do for the people, not be afraid of him because he was different.

When Guevara took control of Havana on January 2nd of 1958, Alano marched into the city with the rest of Che's men.

Revolutionary days

He continued to serve as a soldier in the Cuban army, working specifically in locations that Guevara was in charge of. He was a guard at La Cabaña Fortress prison, and then moving on to be an officer in the militia of the National Institute of Agrarian Reform. Alano was one of the few original revolutionaries that followed Che out of Cuba when Castro began distancing himself from the Marxist ideas of Guevara. He was one of the 12 expeditionaries who traveled to the Congo in 1959, and came back to South America to work in Bolivia.

Alano was one of the few of Che's guerrillas to make it out of Bolivia alive in 1967 after Guevara was captured and executed, and he was the only one to do so with his health intact. He disappeared into the forests of South America, moving aimlessly northward back to Cuba, with no real intent. When he returned to his country, however, he was disheartened and disappointed with what the country had come to, and what Castro had done to the people. But without the leadership of his now-deceased alpha, he found himself unable to do anything and his Calling rankled.

In 1980 he participated in the Mariel boatlift, and particularly made sure that the boat he was in charge of arrived safely in Florida with all passengers.

Since arrival in America, he has drifted about the country with no real purpose, wandering in and out of territories and packs, testing out other werewolves. Nobody ever fit him like he felt an Alpha should, so he would only stay long enough to figure that out and then head off again. They were either too soft, or they were tyrants and bullies that treated their packmates terribly. It was during this period that he picked up the were-name of "Kiran". Occasionally his Calling would get the better of him and he would have to leave town in the middle of the night after exacting what his sense of justice demanded from him.


After the war and the Snap, he continued to wander, hunting the wildlife as he pleased and slowly making his way westward, where the land had not all been developed yet.


  • Type: unbonded
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