Alexi Vishinsky

Roleplayer: Ebircs

Date of Birth: November 30th 1978
Phase: Kuduma
Gift: Dreamwalking
Calling: Seeker's
Pack: Kahlite

Alexi Vishinsky, or Twain as some people call him, is a werewolf who acts both younger and older than he is. He was turned at the age of 17, and is now in his early 30's in human years. He joined the Kahlites and has been one for 6 years. He aspires to travel the post-apocalyptic world and learn about the evolution of flora and fauna.

Physical Appearance

Brown, short, straight. Usually has a front fringe and green eyes. He's about 6" tall, but is very lean. His general feel is that of someone who’s too young to be where he is. Especially when he bites his nails, Alexi generally makes the more maternal around him have an urge to care for him. Generally, his expressions aren’t very varied and he usually looks a little confused when calm. When out in the sun, his facial expressions do not match his words or actions (see Personality/Background as to why).


His coat is rather shaggy on a lithe frame. His legs are small, nimble and his paws small too. He can walk fast, but his coat seems to give an awkward gait to him. His tail is bushy and large and is curled a little at the tip. One would see him a rather Husky-ish wolf, rather suited to cold climates.
His whole top – over his head, snout, back and the top of his tail is black, but from there it goes to lighter grey shades down to his legs. His right front leg has a white patch on it and his chest and under his tail is white – though his belly is grey. He also has white patches above his eyes – just under his ‘eyebrows’ giving him an ‘old man’ look.




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