Algonquin Pack

Algonquin Pack Alphas

  • Peter Thomson and Isabella (Aitken) Thomson 1874 - 1895
  • George W. Bartlett 1895 - 1932

The Algonquin Pack as currently known were established in 1874 by Peter Thomson. Their territory comprises of the Algonquin Provincial Park and some of the surrounding land in Ontario, Canada. They were part of the driving force for turning the land into the then named Algonquin National Park of Ontario in 1893. Historically, the Algonquin pack has had a heavy hand in influencing the management and maintenance of the park, with the first two Alpha males being the first and second chief rangers.


Having access to such a large, federally maintained territory, the Algonquin Pack has been able to grow to support a considerable size over the years. The Algonquin generally number between 250 and 300 members, although they started out with 30 when the pack first was formed. Many of the pack members are employees of the Province to take care of the park. Pack members either live on the park as on-site rangers, or they live in nearby towns. Smaller groups of weres will break off sometimes, and the young occasionally leave to find their own way in the world.

Human Relations

While the Algonquin do keep their nature a secret from the general world, they are generally quite open with human mates and keep a good relationship with the populations of the towns near the Park. Historically, the werewolves of the area were under peace treaties with the settlers, stemming back from the Algonquin tribes that the pack took their current name from. A number of the older townsfolk are aware of the pack, and their ability as a willing workforce for the more environmentally-concerned logging companies made it easy for them to keep good relations.

Known Members

David Blehnwar - Epsilon


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