Alphas are leaders within the pack hierarchy, charged with the protection of the pack. They have the final word on any large decisions. An Alpha's reign varies in time, from a few months to their entire lifetime. The average length of time an Alpha rules is approximately 7-8 years. Usually, their reign ends when they die, but Alphas have been known to step down in lieu of younger, better qualified leaders (usually handing it down to their beta). This is rare, however, as many Alphas consider it their born responsibility to care for the pack and entrusting it to another is a giant leap of faith. As such, most Alphas die in the line of duty.


Alphas often lean farther toward their wolf instincts than their human ones, giving most Alphas a defined mentality where pack relations are concerned. Challenges or perceived challenges are often taken very seriously, as are threats to pack safety. Alphas respond to other dominant personalities with open hostility until submission is displayed. Two Alphas on one pack's territory is incredibly dangerous and often results in a battle to the death unless the other submits or agrees to leave the territory. Because of the natural tension Alphas feel while in the bounds of someone else's territory, inter-pack discussions take place on no-man's land where issues of territory do not come into play. Alphas usually do not allow the presence of rogues on their territory, as a werewolf who shows no loyalty or deference to them is considered a possible threat to the pack. For this reason, rogues are either chased out of pack territory or, if their presence there is a deliberate disobedience of territory instinct, then they are killed mercilessly.


  • ensuring pack safety
  • organizing pack-wide events
  • creating and upholding a pack code of conduct
  • keeping the peace or settling inter-pack disputes
  • decision-making (such as whether to go to war)
  • promotions and rank organization
  • quashing insubordination


An Alpha muzzle biting as a show of dominance.


Firm eye contact is a show of dominance and most subordinates will meet an Alpha's stare with an averted or lowered gaze, often flickering from side to side. Alphas in human form can be identified by their upright posture, bold strides and a confident demeanor. Similarly, an Alpha in wolf form has a tall, upright posture with tail held upright, ears perked. New Alphas often adopt these mannerisms without knowing they have. Insubordination is treated in several ways: the Alpha may for the subordinate down, pinning them to the ground, often 'air biting' around their muzzle. They will only resort to more vicious physical means if noncompliance continues. A display of raised hackles, wrinkled muzzle, teeth and gums exposed, ears peeled back and tail held high is a sign to back down.

Past and Current Alphas


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