Moonphase: New Moon

The New Moon Phase breeds an unpredictable variety of werewolf, blessed with the gift of deception. Arkai are stealthy and efficient hunters and fighters, masterful trackers, and thorough investigators. They often identify more strongly with their human side than other Phases, mingling easily with humanity and easily able to master new technology. Despite this, they feel the bond to their pack and their feral nature as strongly as any other Phase. This is the most variable Phase as well as the most extreme, producing individuals who are highly introverted loners and others who are witty and charismatic extroverts, but an Arkai rarely falls in between. An Arkai is a master of secrecy and trickery, often employed to dupe werewolf-savvy humans by leading them off the right trail. A member of this Phase may be discriminated against by others who believe they are not to be trusted.

Roles: Hunters, Thieves, Scouts, Spies, Trackers, Rangers, Assassins, Infiltrators, Tricksters

Primary Attributes: Stealth, Deception, Investigation, Agility, Dexterity

Gifts: Venom, Animal Communion, Illusion, Shadowstepping, Immunity, Mindcrawling, Leeching

Written by: Skiecrow

Notable Arkai

Aamir Bhavik
Aleksandra Yavlinsky
Charles Fitch
Crest Damien Mani
Isabelle “Izzie” Elkyone
Jacqui “Grace” Vemsiek
Jocelyn “Callisto” Cheshire
Natasha Manklo
Nicholas “Nicky” Greggory Briggs
Sirena Vixen Malone
Sophie “Phie” Dean

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