Caleb Thrawmoore


Date of Birth: 1973
Date of Death: 2006
Phase: Skaal
Gift: Illusion
Calling: Dominion's Calling
Pack: Kahlite
Rank: Zeta

Caleb Thrawmoore was a werewolf of Zeta rank in the Kahlite pack. He was Scott's first student.

Physical Appearance

Caleb is, or was, short. Barely five and a half feet tall, which is short on its own for a human male, but exceedingly so for a werewolf. Scruffy red curls and facial hair, pale skin dotted with freckles, a snubby nose, and a simple wooden cane. His right leg contained heavy scars, all the way up to his hip.

As a ghost he is usually only visible to Deadspeakers, and the strength of his appearance will vary based on his location. In the house of Scott Blehnwar he will be nearly indistinguishable from a living person. He wears a thin brick-red tee-shirt, ratty jeans, sneakers, and always has the cane. He has a moderately short goatee, and always seems like he is half a day away from last shaving.






A bastard son, homeless by the age of 12. Caleb was angry, argumentative, him against the world. He was Turned at the age of 17 when he ran afoul of an aggressive werewolf who had tried to join the Kahlites and was turned away. The man needed money and needed to leave town soon, so he entered a poker game. Caleb won, and provoked the were's temper when he couldn't stop gloating.

The Kahlites found him in an alleyway, having heard about a vicious "dog attack."

Caleb healed, but his right leg was never the same. He needed a cane from then on as a human, and had a limp and some severe scarring when Shifted.

Caleb disliked Scott, initially. He hated the whole idea of being a werewolf, and having the instincts and the pack order thrust upon him. He hated that he was confined by his injuries, and he resented his lameness. When he discovered his powers of Illusion, it became a game to try and trick Scott. But he could never outwit the Kuduma nose. He did not want to listen to Elizabeth and the other ranking members, but his instincts made it so that he never left. Subconsciously, he needed these people. This support structure and family that had never existed before.

Slowly, Caleb accepted his new life, and eventually moved out of Scott's house and worked as a warehouse manager in Vancouver.

A grudging respect grew to a firm bond, and Caleb often visited the campus and Scott. The pack was the closest he had to family, with Scott being the approving male figure he never had. He disliked Ian and his treatment of the pack and humans, but as a "cripple" was not considered a physical threat and therefor had no real voice. He took a vicious approval of Nikola's overthrow of Ian.

All of Scott's 'adopted' students became part of Caleb's family, but he took a particular affection for Rochelle Kepler. Maybe it was that they shared Phase and Gift. Maybe it was that she truly needed the help. All of the eventual six were better off for living with Scott, but, like Caleb, Kep needed the stability and support that was provided in the off-set house on campus. Caleb showed her how to use Illusion, employing it in keeping her distracted when she was feeling particularly miserable in the throes of withdrawal.

Caleb moved onto the campus when the Snap hit, and did his best to help with patrols. He never let Kepler go anywhere off-campus without him, though. He turned into the overly-protective big brother, just like Zachary Lin. So when Kep was captured, so was Caleb.

Together, Kep and Caleb were a mouthy nightmare for the assistants, technicians, and doctors. They worked together creating Illusions to help keep the others calm. But whereas Kepler could be controlled via her Fixation, Caleb had no such compulsions to be abused. In fact, he seemed even more relentless in his refusal to back down or give up, as every day went by. He enjoyed every opportunity to create disruptions with his illusions.

As such, Caleb was a primary test subject for Gift Suppresant, kept on it near-constantly after a week and a half of lost productivity by the techs. But in the early days of the shift from Elkyone Hospital to testing on werewolves at Elkyone Labs, nothing was perfect, and that meant chemical formulas.

Caleb died on his first Phase after being captured, when he was injected with Transformation Suppresant. The early formulas for the chemicals had an adverse effect and he died after three painful hours of an intense silver reaction. He was 33.

He did not pass on, however. Caleb's spirit remained. His primary focus was Kepler, but he was still concerned about the entire group of lab test subjects. He tried contacting Griff a number of times, but was never able to make it through due to Griff's lapse of power while he was at the labs. When Caleb wasn't watching over Kepler, he was haunting Zea Mazuo.

Caleb, like so many other spirits, was drawn to her beacon of power. And he hated her. He made sure to tell her in no uncertain terms what he thought of her continuing to work for the Elkyones while his lycan brethren, while Kepler suffered in cages floors below her.

The ability to forgive does not follow a ghost into the afterlife, particularly if they were a cranky, determined bastard to begin with. Caleb never forgave Dicen Elkyone. Rather, he quite enjoyed what happened to Dice at the labs.

After the heist, and the escape of the Lab Pack from Elkyone Labs, Caleb's spirit followed them back to Point Grey. Going back to his own lands started to open up his range of focus, his memories, his emotions. The first time he saw Scott after death, he was flooded with memories, thoughts, a sense of self that had been non-existent since his death. For the first time since they left the labs, he stopped following Kepler and instead went out on his own, to Scott's house.

Caleb now haunts the majority of the UBC campus, but spends most of his time still focused on Kepler, or Scott. Generally if he is not with those two he is in Scott's house. It is there that he has the most power and the most coherency. With no body as an anchor to the real world and himself, he's instead anchored to the house that meant so much to him.

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