A werewolf's calling is passed down through the Lycanthropy mutation, so that a werewolf adopts the Calling of their father or their sire. Callings are goals that become an all-consuming need to a werewolf, almost instinctual. These Callings have been passed down from the very first generation of werewolves. Most of the founders were less than friendly, and as a result, modern-day werewolves often find themselves tormented by the insatiable need to accomplish something that may be contrary to their very nature. Because of how personal a Calling can be, werewolves keep theirs a secret. It is considered taboo to inquire about another werewolf's Calling - it is a gross invasion of privacy.
Ignoring or failing to satisfy a Calling is a very dangerous choice for a werewolf. The results can be unpleasant, or even deadly.

List of Callings
Bonded's Calling: find true love and soulbond.

Dominion's Calling: gain dominion over all other Phases as their superior.

Fixation's Calling: pursue an absolute obsession. This may be with a hobby, a substance, a person, an ideal, or an activity, to name a few possible fixations.

Guardian's Calling: protect and defend friends and loved ones, even at the risk of losing your own life.

Healer's Calling: seek out those who are in peril and aid them, even at risk to yourself.

Infection's Calling: bite and infect as many humans as possible with the intent of turning them into werewolves.

Judgment's Calling: seek out and bring to justice all evil-doers.

Lunatic's Calling: sew chaos, generate entropy, upset the peace and the status quo. (Note: This is a 'wildcard' Calling that can be inherited from a werewolf of any Calling.)

Name's Calling: gain recognition through fame or infamy and make a name for yourself.

Progenitor's Calling: reproduce and have/make children. Contributed by Sunreon

Seeker's Calling: accumulate knowledge, wisdom, intellect and apply it.

Sentinel's Calling: protect the sanctity of your personal or pack's territory from intruders at all costs.

Slayer's Calling: rid the earth of humans to make way for a world ruled by werewolves.

Tyrant's Calling: gain dominance over all others in your territory and rise through the ranks of your pack.

Wanderer's Calling: roam the earth, unable to stay in any one locale for too long. - Contributed by Beckyy

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