Crest Damien Mani

Roleplayer: Ebircs

Date of Birth: April 24, year unknown
Phase: Arkai
Gift: Shadowstepping
Calling: Slayer's
Pack: Rogue

Crest Damien Mani (age unknown) is a werewolf by birth. his age is unknown due to his own spun tales, though he is capable of giving very graphic details of his involvement in several known wars or war criminal groups. He is a rogue werewolf due to his calling, though he came to Vancouver with his family in June 2009.

Physical Appearance

He has short, dirty blonde hair that naturally stands on end in the form of unkempt bedhead. His eyes are light blue and bright. He’s 6" tall and is relatively built. He has powerful legs due to swimming and one can assume the madman swam while in wolf form too to be more used to it. He also has a few permanent scars over his body. His hands and feet are relatively large. But he is proud of his physique. However, he doesn’t have perfect eyesight and thus wears reading glasses.


A very light grey wolf, nearly white. The tips of his ears are darker grey, though.


He is a prime example of a slight mismatch of phase and personality. Unfortunately with the amount of trauma he’s seen from even a young age, when he turned, it made him an Arkai, yet he has many parts Feros in him. He is naturally aggressive and willing to fight.

He is a man obsessed with fitness. After waking up and having something to drink, he used to immediately leave his apartment for a morning jog. He would then eat breakfast and go to his job as a policeman, soldier, war criminal or whatever took his fancy in the time he lived. In the evening, he would swim before eating dinner. Thus, he is undoubtedly strong, though perhaps not built so much like a bear, generally underestimated. But he has to work hard to maintain himself because he has a large appetite. So a lot of his day is taken up by making sure he’s fit enough.

Many judge him harshly for acts which the world see as hate crimes and war crimes. Despite his seeming willingness to persecute the rich, the old, the Jewish, the homosexual, the coloured, he does so only out of gaining something and not out of personal hatred. Maybe at times in his life, he was against these groups, yet somehow bringing them to harm actually ceased his prejudice rather than fuelled it. He is a relatively neutral man, but he doesn’t mind taking down another person for his own gain as long as it’s worth it.

He has learned many languages (spoken) in his time, but is literate only in two; Afrikaans and English. That too, his literacy is limited. This lack of knowledge is one of the reasons he never really got beyond lower-positions in most factions. Yet he may have learned just about enough to write simple letters or read orders. He has forgotten most of them (such as Russian, French and Portuguese) completely due to lack of use, but he still knows English, Afrikaans and a smattering of German.

In his life, he has found and lost many loves. He is not immune to it. He is not against it. He even secretly envies his sister for finding someone. His greatest yearning, however, is for a child. But his situation does not allow for him to have children, as female werewolves cannot carry a child and his calling would not allow very long in the company of a human, especially not intimately. After Eshe used the serrogate to give birth to her own child, Crest had a renewed hope and continued his search for a mate with new vigour. However, once the snap hit, his hope dwindled and collapsed along with modern medication and medical procedures.

Most are cynical about his search for a mate because of one of the many false personalities he shows. Many times, he will actively say masochistic and sexist things, depending on who he's talking to and what he's trying to provoke. But this is one of his many facades. Crest as a person seems to have many extremes in his personality; his coldness when it comes to killing against his inexplicable love and need to protect his family. These parts of him leave anyone meeting him guessing his calling, his gift and his real personality. As someone barely educated, he finds it a lot easier to be a politically incorrect jerk than someone more sophisticated, whether or not he believes his own words.


Crest (or so his name is for now) has many claims of what he has seen during his long life. He claims he was the son of one of the first white settlers in South Africa. Then again, he also claims to have given Jesus a high-five; this is done predominantly to piss off the religious. But it’s hard to tell when Crest tells the truth and when he’s just trying to pick a fight.

There are some parts of his past, however, that he describes with such detail people find it hard to deny his presence. His presence of several wars in the African bush and how he sought witchdoctors for help can be a series of fascinating and disgusting tales. He seems far too unintelligent to really make it up as a novel plot himself. Though he will sometimes let slip his roles during World Ward II in particular as a Nazi soldier and how he fled into Russian ranks in the confusion that very war caused. How he lived in Soviet satellites, working under the NKVD. All in all, Crest found his calling was war crime. His life was spent living off the pain of others by joining the side with more manpower. But he never got greedy and stayed long. He would flee often years and years before the collapse of some leader somewhere.

In his life, he has seen many were packs, including the Kahlites. Those there for a long time may recognise him vaguely by face, but never by name. He says he lives his life in ‘cycles’ where he changes himself along with his name after a few years. Again, how true this is cannot be proven. No one has known Crest long enough.

No doubt he actually took part in the war that finally brought along the snap. Though the moment he noticed that it was best to leave, he looted as many police and army guns and ammo storages as he could and fled to find his family – Eshe, Rex and Chloe.

With them, they went west until finally Eshe put her foot down and declared she was joining the next decent pack they come across. Being a slave to the well-being of his niece, Crest nodded gloomily and they headed to Kahlite ground. Crest, being stubborn and un-pack-like, (and knowing the Kahlite’s anti-slayer creed) chose to stay in Vancouver and spend his time putting humans out of their misery.


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