Daria Rahim

Created By: Ash

Date of Birth: 12th November, 1953
Date of Death: 21st June, 1992

Daria Rahim was the mother of Davida Ambrose and the aunt of Amon, Dicen and Aras Elkyone. Born in Tehran, after fleeing the Iranian Revolution with her husband and baby daughter, she became a professor of Middle Eastern history at Melbourne University. She died of acute promyelocytic leukaemia, aged just thirty-eight.

Physical Appearance

In a lot of respects, Daria appeared to be a slightly sharper version of her daughter, Dava. She had a striking heart-shaped face with large dark eyes, framed by long, thick black hair. After developing leukaemia, Daria was often pale and thin, with deep circles underneath her beautiful eyes. She had a low voice with an Iranian accent, a large amount of sheer physical presence, and was never seen out of the house looking anything less than elegant.




  • Birthplace: Tehran, Iran
  • Education:
    • History
    • Arabic
  • Religion: Shi'a Islam
  • Sexuality: heterosexual


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