A possessor of this Gift, known as an Empath, can detect and feel the emotions of others, whether human or werewolf. The stronger of a relationship the empath shares with the target, the more potent their abilities. Of course, this Gift can also be used against enemies by feeling their fears and using this information against them.

Advanced Abilities: With training, an empath may go so far as to feel the pain of a cut to someone else’s flesh, or the euphoria of the drug in another person’s veins. Particularly talented Empaths can use Empathy to coax another werewolf out of a Fire-Blooded rage.

Associated Phases: Skaal, Mencari, Kuduma

Written by: Skiecrow

Rift characters with this Gift: 5

  • Torindra Chelfor: Weak empath, doesn't practice. Can vaguely sense the emotions and intents of others, seems to usually try and block them out. Has been shown that her abilities are less inhibited when drunk, showing a stronger ability than she usually uses.
  • Gabriele Adler Markovic:
  • Jasmine Lin:
  • Embla Ovesen: Only feels the emotions of other when others touch her or she touches them, however she's well trained and can pick up on emotions rather quickly. She can sense emotions even if the touch only lasts for a little while, she cannot however block emotions at all and so often avoids directly touching anyone when able to.
  • Cale Ryder:
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