Faye Whittaker


Date of Birth: 1980
Date of Death: 1999
Phase: Mencari
Gift: Mending
Calling: Guardian's Calling
Pack: Kahlite
Rank: Iota

Faye Whittaker was pretty much born into the foster care system, in the states. Being a sickeningly cute baby, however, she was adopted fairly quickly, and had a fairly happy life. She liked sports, horses, and strawberry ice cream.

Until her parents died in a building fire while the family was visiting Vancouver in 1993. The panic of the situation caused Faye to Shift for the first time, and she wandered the city, dazed and an emotional wreck.

She blamed herself for the death of her parents, and became extremely depressed, continuing to run over the scene in her head. She completely ignored her own severe burns and deteriorating state, living in the street. Two days later, a civilian called an ambulance when she wandered into a soup kitchen.

Joseph Wells was one of the paramedics to come to the scene. He recognized her lycanthropy, and got the pack to help get Faye out of the hospital and under Scott Blehnwar's care.

Faye was borderline catatonic for two months. The burns healed within the first two weeks, but her mind was not coming back. She seemed unable to let go of what had happened, focusing on it at an obsessive level. It was the only thing she thought about, all the details of staying alive being pushed to the background or done for her.

With the help of Joseph and a pack Mindcrawler, Faye was brought to her senses and her inherited life was explained to her. With no real other choice, (she certainly wasn't going back into the foster system) she joined the Kahlites officially.

As a Mender, Faye found herself a valuable addition, and regularly healed anyone and everyone that she could. It seemed as if her Calling was driving her to act like a Healer instead of a Guardian. If she could not prevent the damage, then she could fix it. She would get upset when someone did not want her aid.

Three years later, when she was 16, Faye moved in with another young adult member of the pack, in the city. She wanted to become more independent, to be able to take care of herself while moving on with her life She continued going to school, having decided that she wanted to go into a nursing program after high school. It worked well enough, she continued to check in with Scott regularly, and was a frequent face around the campus. She tended to hide from Ian, who was another reason she had moved off-campus.

Faye liked Nikola. He was a bit younger than her, but he seemed nice. And when he killed Ian, things got better for the pack.

In 1999, when she was finishing school (a year having been taken off so she could get herself together and so the pack could get all her files and get her transferred to their care and into Vancouver schools), Faye was walking home after buying groceries, and witnessed a car crash. A t-bone on the passenger's side, with a person in that seat.

Faye couldn't help herself. She had to help them. They were practically dead anyway, but she wasn't able to pull herself away. Even a master Mender would have had to stop, and Faye was not of any great level of power.

Even as she could feel her own life force draining away, Faye couldn't stop. She stopped breathing before the woman in the car did.

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