Moonphase: Full Moon

The Full Moon Phase produces the most powerful and aggressive werewolves, most in touch with their feral, wild selves. They are usually dominant, vicious, proud, impulsive, unrelenting warriors, physically powerful and skilled in combat, but may also be wise, protective, and strategic generals and guardians of the pack and territory. Feros range from mindless berserkers to inspiring leaders and cunning strategists. Feros are talented at identifying the weaknesses of their foes, their prey, and their competition. Of all the Phases, these werewolves are the most likely to become Fire-Blooded. Sadly, many Feros go through life with the blood of their loved ones on their hands following bouts of anger resulting in loss of control. In any group where rank is unclear, Feros often take the lead by default. Feros have precise and deadly control over their own bodies, and sometimes those of others.

Roles: Warriors, Leaders, Generals, Strategists, Guardians, Tacticians

Primary Attributes: Physical strength, Dominance, Leadership, Battlesense, Detection of weaknesses

Gifts: Destruction, Modification, Regeneration, Deadspeech, Projection, Venom

Written by: Skiecrow

Notable Feros

Andrea “Sybaris” Thorsen
Emmi Landon
Griffin “Griff” Lowell
Liam Russell Westcott
Luca “Nine” Thornehart
Marcus “Serove” Seaver
Mathew “Blind” Washington
Mordred Reigner
Ryan Todd
Zachary Lin

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