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Walter Gage Residence Hall, affectionately known as Gage, is where (most of) the Kahlites have made their home: not a particularly attractive use of concrete, but the windows are big. Next door to the Hall are the Gage Towers – or rather, there used to be three and now the south tower is the only one still standing. This is now home to the Lab pack.

Gage Residence Hall

Gage has five floors with 10 apartments each, each with a kitchenette and bathroom. Many of the bathrooms are no longer usable due to burst plumbing, so some sharing is necessary. One of the staircases between the third and fourth floors has collapsed, and the elevators are non-functional due to lack of electricity, so the lower floors are in higher demand. Also, most of the rooms don't have beds in them, the mattresses having been sacrificed to the Bed Room (which is a common room on the second floor). Outside, there is a large vegetable garden.

There is no electricity in Gage: light is supplied by lamps and/or candles, with some heating and cooking made possible by wooden stoves installed into some of the taken rooms. In winter, however, the best way to stay warm is to go and snuggle in the Bed. The common room on the first floor has been converted into a large kitchen/dining space, presided over by Jasmine Lin. Meals can, however, be slightly erratic, particularly on days when Jas has no helpers and no one else has taken over. Generally, breakfast and dinner is made in the Gage kitchen; for lunch, the Kahlites have to fend for themselves.

Each apartment has this basic plan, although obviously each room has been individualized by those living in it. In addition, not all of the Kahlites make their home at either Hall or Tower. Scott has his own house on the campus, Serove often sleeps above his mechanic’s shop, and Dava and Nikola have moved out of Gage and into Green College, with a lot of the other paired off werewolves. However, Nikola has kept his old room as a kind of Alpha’s office, and Serove does share his Gage room with his son, Ari.

Gage Hall Room List

Every room is numbered based on floor and location. For example, Nine and Dice's room is in the southernmost corner of the third floor, and is Room 301.

101 – Nikola
102 – Sophie
104 – Roman
106 – Tori
107 – Serove and Ari
109 – Callisto
110 - Aamir

202 – Sybaris
204 – Formerly Kepler’s pre-Snap room.
207 -
208 – Opal
209 – Jasmine
210 – Zachary

301 – Nine and Dice
303 – Ryan
305 – Orion
307 – Formerly Dava’s room. Comes complete with curtains.

402 - Infirmary
403 – Joseph
404 – Liam
405 – Alexi
408 – Jacqui
409 – Paige
410 – Emmi

501 – Gabriele
507 – Elise
509 – Sapphire
510 – Nicky

South Gage Tower

Each floor of the South tower is composed of “quads” which consist of four separate pods, each consisting of six individual bedrooms, a bathroom and a communal kitchen/dining area. The Lab pack have claimed the south “quad” on the ground floor as their own, and have spread out over three of the pods. Like Gage proper, there is no electricity, and all heating is provided by wooden stoves. They have also converted the living room of ‘Pod One’ as their own ‘Bed’ for when they feel like puppy-piling. All the foyer's glass has been broken in, but it's since been cleaned up, and now they have a sofa and a coffee-table in the open room.

Gage Tower Room List

Room numbers are counted clockwise, starting with the bedroom next to the bathroom.

Pod One
Room 1
Room 2
Room 3
Room 4
Room 5
Room 6 - Kepler

Pod Two
Room 1
Room 2
Room 3
Room 4
Room 5
Room 6

Pod Three
Room 1
Room 2
Room 3
Room 4
Room 5
Room 6

Pod Four
Room 1
Room 2
Room 3
Room 4
Room 5
Room 6

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