Each Phase is associated with certain supernatural powers or abilities, known as Gifts. Each werewolf, upon their first transformation, is blessed with the most basic form of ONE (1) of the Gifts associated with their Phase.
Through practice or training, the werewolf grows more talented with their Gift and can use it to greater effect.
This list is by no means exhaustive of the variety of Gifts possessed by the werewolf population. If you have an idea for a Gift which is not on this list, email Silvae or Skie and we'll add it! Please try to avoid 'elemental' powers; the werewolves of Rift do not breathe fire, shoot water jets, or make plants grow.

List of Gifts with Associated Phases

Animal Communion: Speaking with animals - Skaal, Arkai
Craftsman's Gift: Mentally crafting materials - Kuduma
Deadspeech: Speaking with the deceased - Skaal, Feros
Destruction: Causing harm to the bodies of others - Feros
Dreamwalking: Entering and manipulating the dreams of others - Kuduma, Mencari
Empathy: Feeling the emotions of others - Skaal, Mencari, Kuduma
Illusion: Creating hallucinations and mirages - Arkai, Kuduma, Skaal
Immunity: Immunity to one or several Gifts - Arkai, Kuduma
Leeching: Stealing the Gifts of others - Skaal, Arkai
Mending: Healing the wounds of others - Mencari, Kuduma
Mindcrawling: Exploring and manipulating the memories of others - Arkai, Mencari
Modification: Changing physical attributes and appearance - Feros, Kuduma
Projection: Parting the spirit from the body for astral exploration - Mencari, Feros
Regeneration: Supernaturally fast healing - Feros, Mencari, Skaal
Shadowstepping: Hiding in plain sight - Arkai
Telepathy: Communicating with others mentally - Skaal, Mencari
Venom: Poisonous teeth and claws - Feros, Arkai

List of Phases with Associated Gifts

Feros: Destruction, Modification, Regeneration, Deadspeech, Projection, Venom

Kuduma: Modification, Dreamwalking, Craftsman's Gift, Immunity, Empathy, Mending, Illusion

Skaal: Regeneration, Deadspeech, Telepathy, Animal Communion, Empathy, Leeching, Illusion

Mencari: Dreamwalking, Regeneration, Empathy, Mending, Projection, Mindcrawling, Telepathy

Arkai: Venom, Animal Communion, Illusion, Immunity, Shadowstepping, Mindcrawling, Leeching

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