Green College

Green College used to be a residential college for graduate students with an interdisciplinary focus. Now days, it is home to several pairs of mated werewolves. Green College consists of two heritage buildings (the Coach House and Graham House, both dating to 1935), a series of residential blocks, guest house accommodations, Green Commons, a shared kitchen complex, gardens and a patio. As the Green College website once said, “The architectural style reflects the College's west coast location and is integrated with the forested oceanside landscape.” Certainly, it is one of the more aesthetically pleasing residences.

Green College Facilities

Graham House: first floor contains a boardroom/small dining room, a billiard table, a grand piano and a Reading Room, and the second floor houses the Great Hall (used for Kahlite meetings. There is also a back garden with a rather beautiful view. Next to the Kitchen, Graham House is the most used of all the non-residence buildings.
Couch House: used to be home to a number of lecture series and conferences.
Green Commons: in pre-Snap days, this bungalow housed a TV room and was the ‘common’ room of the college.
Common Kitchen: this building holds a large communal kitchen which is still used by the residents, as well as a laundry room, also well used. In addition, a lot of the surrounding grass has been converted into a vegetable garden.


Altogether, there are 90 rooms in Green College, scattered across the four residence buildings and the Guest House. Refer here for the various room styles.

List of Known Residents

  • Nikola Thornehart and Davida Ambrose at [15&16]: converted two split-level apartments off the courtyard into a single, two-story house, with a downstairs porch and an upstairs patio.
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