Allows the werewolf to plant the images of non-existent things, in the form of hallucinations or mirages, in the minds of others. The illusions of an unpracticed Illusionist require effort to maintain and may be identified as illusions by perceptive individuals.

Advanced Abilities: more experienced users of this Gift are capable of creating long-lasting illusions which will convince all but the most observant individuals. This Gift can easily be used to persuade the gullible that their measly catch of a rabbit is actually a full-grown stag, or that their deceased loved-one has returned to life.

Associated Phases: Arkai, Kuduma, Skaal

Written by: Skiecrow

Rift characters with this Gift: 4

Orion Klause
Rochelle Kepler
Isabelle Elkyone
Tobias Lenz


Caleb Thrawmoore

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