Jamie White


Date of Birth: 1987
Date of Death: 2006
Phase: Kuduma
Gift: Immunity
Calling: Progenitor's Calling
Pack: Kahlite
Rank: Kappa

Jamie White was born to a single mother in Courtenay, who soon moved to Vancouver because of better prospects of jobs to be able to support her son. Jamie was a friendly, caring child, and he first Changed in the car accident that took his mother when he was 16. The Kahlites found him on the edges of the greenbelt two nights later, and Scott Blehnwar took him in.

Jamie retained his friendly nature, becoming a very outgoing and jovial werewolf. It was discovered that his Immunity was somewhat body-focused, rendering both Mending and Destruction useless against him. He did not mind having what many called the "Useless" Gift, stating that he'd never needed one before the Change, he wouldn't miss it now.

His mother's death did not seem to haunt him. He accepted the change in his life and was continuing school, while living with Scott. He managed to graduate high school and was preparing to head to university in Quebec to study to become a social worker.

Jamie stood out even for werewolf standards, when he was Shifted. A white, shaggy wolf, with distinct black markings, he had short stubby legs, a blunt, wide face, and was overweight.

He died on one of the first Patrols after the Snap hit, severely wounded when he tried to stop a car that was coming up the road to Point Grey, and unable to be healed. He was 19 years old.

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