Jasmine Lin

Roleplayer: Ash

Date of Birth: 16th March 1989
Phase: Kuduma
Gift: Empathy
Calling: Sentinel’s
Pack: Kahlite
Rank: Iota

Jasmine Lin (16th March 1989) is a young Empath recovering from PTSD (caused, in part, by her Gift). An Iota of the Kahlites, she is also their cook. Well, she was planning on being chef anyway…

Physical Appearance

Roughly 5’4 in height and petite with it, Jasmine is still looks like she’s seventeen. A pretty girl, she has dark almond eyes, pale olive skin that tans ridiculously easily, and long dark hair with auburn highlights when the sun hits it. Like her brother Zach, this hair has a wave to it.

Her style of clothing tends to run to whatever is comfortable and pretty.


As a wolf, Jasmine is perfectly average in height and build, and her eyes amber. Her fur is a dark grey that occasionally has a reddish tinge to it, but when inspected the source of this tint can't be found.


Jasmine would, under normal circumstances, be an extraordinarily sensitive Empath. However, she gained this Gift during the War and Snap. Once her psyche was healed enough for her to function, Jasmine threw all her energy into shielding herself off, rather than learning how to use her Gift.



At first impression, Jas is the polar opposite of her brother, Zachary. Mischievous and sweet, Jasmine is a dreamer who has managed to keep a number of her ideals firmly intact. Creative and impulsive, she’s highly generous and doesn’t seem to have a dominant bone in her body. Like all werewolves, she does have a temper, but coupled with hers is a large emotional streak made worse by nerves and a good deal of fear.

What is she afraid of? Many things, really. Topping the list are death (hers and other people’s), insanity (she really shouldn’t have been told that her Phase is prone to insanity when without a creative outlet), and her Gift.

Her Empathy makes her want to stick to the safe and the calm– her Calling makes her want to go out on patrol. Her werewolf side wants to go out and run and hunt, but her human side is terrified of giving into it. The conflicts make her nervy, emotional, with a slight tendency to explode and/or throw things. While she’s improved on the PTSD front, she’s by no means back to being stable and there are still scars in her psyche. At the moment, she’s dealing with things by ignoring them, which adds to the tendency to explode.

And the thing about hanging around kitchens is that there are always things on hand to throw.


  • Birthplace: Vancouver
  • Education:
    • high school
    • start of chef's apprenticeship
  • Religion: atheist
  • Sexuality: hetrosexual?


Jasmine is the youngest child of Sally Harraden, a local-born Canadian and curator at the UBC’s Museum of Anthropology, and John Lin, a second-generation Taiwanese bookshop owner and werewolf. Sally and John never got around to marrying, or indeed formally moving in together, but Jasmine and her older brother Zachary were raised in a loving (if slightly unusual) environment nonetheless.

Sally was aware that John was a werewolf, and both knew there was a fifty-percent chance of their children inheriting it. When Zachary was fifteen, an explosion of temper left them in no doubt that he was a werewolf; a similar explosion by Jas at the same age left her exactly the same. Not that she minded – people who are determined to be chefs have no place turning into a gigantic wolf for part of a month.

Then the war came when she was seventeen. In the resulting violence, John was killed and Jasmine asked Zachary to turn her so she couldn’t catch the Snap. However, a war-torn and plague-ravaged city is no place for a sensitive and traumatized girl who is new to Empathy. When they reached Point Grey, Jasmine spent a lot of time curled up in corners under blankets.

Slowly, though, she did recover – in large part due to her brother’s patient and devoted care. He had the sense to introduce Jasmine to the kitchen and let her beloved cooking help heal her. In time, Jasmine came to regard the kitchen as hers, and as she’s an otherwise sweet girl (and, almost more importantly, a genuinely good cook), the rest of the pack raised no objections.

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