Jocelyn "Callisto" Cheshire

Roleplayer: Silvae

Date of Birth: November 1, 1975
Phase: Arkai
Gift: Venom
Calling: Tyrant's
Pack: Kahlite
Rank: Zeta

Jocelyn "Callisto" Cheshire (born November 1, 1975) is a sadistic, manipulative bitch whose most notable for the following: burning people with battery acid, being Queen of the BAMFs, and forcing fully grown, testosterone-fueled, macho Feros to wear dog collars and leashes. And by 'people' and 'fully grown, testosterone-fueled, macho Feros' we mean Serove.

Physical Appearance

Callisto is small, though she doesn't look dainty per se on account of her curves. She stands about 5'3". Her hair is pale ash blonde, pin straight and reaches her shoulder blades in length. She usually wears it tied back in a bun. Her eyes are pale green-blue and wide for her angular face. She has full lips, high cheek bones and a fair complexion. She doesn't wear makeup very often. In terms of dress, she can go from conservative to elegant to down-right risque, depending upon the occasion. Casually, she just wears a pair of jeans with a light t-shirt. Lately she's been wearing a lot of jogger bums and other ratty clothes on account of spending a lot of time at Serove's garage.


In wolf form, Callisto takes the form of an arctic wolf with pale white fur. There's nothing out of the ordinary about her appearance except for her teal eyes. She's small and agile, built for speed and not brute strength.


Fireblooded Stats

  • Height: 3'0" quadruped; 6'3" duoped
  • Weight: approx. 400 lbs



Callisto is a calculating mind, brilliant strategist, and a cold-hearted bitch. Her motivations are almost entirely self-benefiting and she's not above using someone to get what she wants. Her tactics change, but blackmail, seduction, and petty threats are all methods she'd be comfortable using.

Admittedly, she gives feminism a bad name. She doesn't want to simply prove that women are equal to men — she wants to prove they're better. That's not to say she hates all men, but she's less likely to respect them unless they prove themselves. She's friendliest with witty, sarcastic or brilliantly intelligent men, sometimes because they make good company, sometimes because they present a challenge when it comes to exploiting their assets.

There's more to her than the cut-throat persona she presents, but her softer side is something she herself won't acknowledge. She'd never admit to having an emotional side; she prefers to come off as stoic, someone with dignity. Her independence is her coping mechanisms for other deep rooted, psychological issues though, and while she'd never admit to 'caring' about anyone, there are a few individuals who managed, somehow, to get under her skin.

She was a lot kinder before her first transformation; after becoming a werewolf, her Calling seemed to amplify her ruthless ambition, muffling her caring attributes.

Part of the reason she ignores her feelings towards others is likely her fear of being made a fool. Only two men in her life managed to get close enough to have an impact, and it was not for the better. Her father wasn't physically abusive, but his neglect left a long-lasting scar, and her first lover had a lecherous affair with another woman, leading her to believe that the majority of men were good-for-nothing chauvinists with penises in place of real brains. She felt humiliated for ever having cared for these men, and doesn't intend to make the same mistake again. Of course, the heart doesn't always follow the mind.

She's distanced herself from her family, since she always felt like the black sheep. Her sisters would argue that, while they tried to include her, she's an incredibly difficult person to love, and they abandoned the effort. They would say that it's only a matter of time before she snaps completely — the emotions she's stifled need an outlet somewhere — and they hope they're not present when that dam breaks.


  • Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario
  • Education: ?
  • Religion: Atheist
  • Sexuality: heterosexual


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