Joseph Travis Wells

Roleplayer: Kenji

Date of Birth: 1950
Phase: Mencari
Gift: Telepathy
Calling: Healer's
Pack: Kahlite
Rank: Gamma

Joseph Travis Wells (born , 1950) is a werewolf and a Gamma of the Kahlite Pack. He was recently promoted to this position from his former position of Iota where he'd been for the past twenty years. Joseph is an experienced medic and worked as a missionary in South America for several years. Before the world dipped in to chaos, Joseph was working as an emergency medical technician in northern Vancouver.

Physical Appearance

Although chronologically speaking, Joseph is in his late fifties, he appears to be a man who's just barely past his prime. His hair is dark brown and naturally curly. He keeps it long, just to his chin. It's more for vanity than anything. He has a scar at the base of his jawline near his ear he likes to hide. His eyes are deeply set and as dark as his hair. They are hard to read, and he does his best to avoid looking at people directly in the eyes. He's a rather timid person on a regular basis and finds looking another person in the eye unnerving at best.

He's not very tall, but not short, standing at a stable height of 5'8", he's a little on the slimmer side. He often gets caught up in whatever he's doing for the day and will forget a meal or two. He's a rather intense sort of person and often puts his mind before himself. He's easily excitable when interested in things and though he tries very hard to contain himself, it's easy to tell as his hands begin to shake and he fidgets, often biting his nails. He has a quick stride and can sometimes look impatient and sharp, though the truth is quite the opposite. He's a very patient and understanding fellow.


Joseph's wolf form has a coarse top coat of mottled brown and black. His undercoat is velvety and thick with white and gray tones. His tail is bushy and normally held down unless he is forced to be aggressive. His almond shaped eyes are chocolate brown and, similarly to his human self, often avoid direct contact with anyone else, be they animal or human.




Joseph was born in Toronto. Aside for being your typical skinny, under developed nerd, his life was fairly ordinary, aside from one part… Joseph remembered practically nothing about his father and he was completely deaf. Ben Wells was a figure of myth and mystery to the boy, and the stories his mother would tell him about the man only fed his fantasy. Ben Wells may have died long before Joseph could play catch, but his mere existence would feed Joseph's sense of personal morals and honor code for the majority of his young life. He'd never imagine that the truth of who, and what, his father was was far more fantastic than anything he'd ever dreamed.

His mother signed him stories about him being a missionary. He'd travel to small corners of the world and give them aid and protection while preaching the word of God. He'd do fantastic things like saving children from raging floods and talking down gorilla fighters from killing entire families. She told him that he'd always say, "The way you are judged in life after death is measured by the amount of people who's lives you changed." While this was mostly true, his status as a missionary was debatable. Ben Wells was a werewolf, and while he did have a cover job of working for the salvation army, his real duty was to his pack and their territory that lay hazardously close to that of a rivaling pack. He would die when Joseph was merely two when his pack finally folded.

Fortunately for Joseph's mother, Amanda, Ben had been quite honest about his heritage. He had to be. Amanda witnessed his change when they were attacked by a group of muggers once. She was well versed on what things happened and when, as well as the fact that there was a good chance her son might be exactly like his father. She also knew that this new pack of werewolves that had just taken over the rest of Toronto wouldn't be too keen on any of Ben's relatives sticking around. So, after Ben's death, Amanda decided to move to Thunder Bay, and hoped against hope that her son would turn out human.

For the first thirteen years of his life, that's exactly what he appeared to be. He was shy, elusive, and far more in to books than he was in to sports. Amanda began to grow a little paranoid as he reached his teenage years, setting his curfew earlier, making sure he didn't get in to situations where something might 'happen'. But a mother can't be with her son all the time, no matter how much she might want to.

Being more of a studious sort of kid, and being completely deaf, made Joseph a target. He was often picked on by bullies and other insecure, violent types. The big event happened when one evening he was pushed just a little too far. He'd stayed late after a chess club meeting and was forced to take a short cut home from school so he'd make it home in time before his curfew. Cutting through a back alley lead him head on into two of his more prominent bullies, a pair of high school greasers smoking cigarettes. It was almost as if they were waiting there, hoping he'd come by. They'd asked him for his knapsack, and when Joseph had refused, they forcibly took it from him. Inside said knapsack was the thing Joseph held most precious in his world, a family photo taken before his father had died. They removed it, mocking him for being a 'momma's boy' and 'perhaps he wouldn't be such a geek if daddy lived a little longer'… and then they ripped it in two. A mistake that would be their last.

Tears fueling from his eyes, steaming with the heat that suddenly raged inside his veins, Joseph became a monster. The moon was just barely visible in the dusky sky. It was shaped in a perfect crescent.

Joseph had been lucky that day. He'd been contained in a small alley way and this rage of his lasted for as long as it took to rip the two boys to shreds. The moment the flittering, torn piece of a photograph hit his muzzle, he was too overcome with grief and humility to feel such rage. Frightened and confused, he ran straight to the only person he'd ever trusted, his mother. Amanda knew it was time to move again, just in the off chance that anything might lead back to her only son. This time, they moved to Vancouver. With Joseph's decreased aging, he didn't look much older than a teenager by the time he was graduating high school. So, to make up for this strange time, he stayed home and did a bit of traveling for a few years, learning about werewolf culture from the volumes of journals his father had written in preparation of a time when Joseph reached the age and he wasn't around to explain. By the time he'd caught up physically, Joseph had learned of a pack near Point Grey. He'd decided to go to school there so he could stay close to his mother, and so he could, perhaps, make connections with others like him, others who could teach him more about himself and make him feel normal again.

Joseph was lucky to find the Kahlite. They kept him sane through college and comforted him when his mother succumbed to a heart attack his junior year. They also taught him to utilize his telepathic gift to communicate with them more easily.. He studied medicine, and eventually graduated with honors. However, instead of continuing with his education, Joseph had a wish to follow in what he believed were his father's footsteps. He joined the salvation army with the Kahlite's permission and was sent to do work in Venezuela. It was here where he'd meet the person who would ultimately change his world.

The first time Joseph laid eyes on Liam Westcott, the man was already half dead, mauled and mutilated to the point where everyone else was sure he'd die within the day. Joseph, however, wasn't quite so sure. He'd seen injuries like this before, and he knew exactly what was to come. He did what he could to make Liam feel more comfortable and to keep him alive. When the rage finally hit Liam, the moon was halved. It took all the energy Joseph had to keep the new werewolf from rampaging through the tiny village where they were. Liam had been permanently blinded from the attack and in all the darkness and confusion, he was a dangerous opponent. Joseph was able to lead him away until he finally ran out of rage. After that, Liam became Joseph's unofficial student. The two became fast friends, their disabilities made them work like one, Joseph being Liam's eyes, and Liam being Joseph's ears and voice.

Five years after the two had first met, Joseph took Liam back to Pointe Gray and his pack. It's been about twenty years since then and Joseph and Liam have been with the Kahlite through some grim and dangerous times.



Joseph was born deaf and is practically mute. He can read lips and communicates with other werewolves telepathically. For humans who are not capable of sign language, Liam will translate for him. They put on a show of sorts with their own made up language of a series of hand signals against Liam's shoulder, though it's utterly unneeded. Joseph also has no tongue, but this has only been revealed to Gabriele, and Liam of course knows as well.

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