Josephine "Jossy" Michaels


Date of Birth: 1958
Phase: Kuduma
Gift: Modification
Calling: Bonded's Calling
Pack: Kahlite
Rank: Kappa

Josephine Michaels, known as Jossy (born 1958 in Izumo) was a werewolf and a Kappa of the Kahlite Pack when she died. She was previously an Iota before the War. She was mated (but not married) to Scott Blehnwar for ten years and died in Vancouver when the Vanguard ambushed their scavenging party.

Physical Appearance

It is commonly accepted that Jossy has an incredible ability to look like a homeless person. Indeed she was once sitting outside the train station and someone threw her some money — it landed in her full cup of coffee to be precise. Her hair is long,. but instead of being brushed out nicely it somehow manages to look distinctly like a birds nest. It is often tied up in a ridiculously messy bun or ponytail at the base of her neck with unruly black strands falling across her eyes. There is the odd mat, or knot in her hair, showing the lack of care she takes over it. this lack of care isn't something really self destructive however, it is more a case of Jossy having more important things to worry about than her appearance.

Her eyes are blue…sort of. They are also grey…sort of. And if you get her in the right light, they can almost appear purple-ish. Like a fading bruise. They don't change colour, at least, not that Jossy has ever noticed; it is simply that light plays tricks with appearances, and her eyes are the part of her body effected most. They are fringed with thick black lashes and eyebrows that do have a tendency to go out of control slightly. They aren't too big, or too much like characters, but have strong eyes framed by strong black eyebrows can sometimes be a slightly intimidating combination. Like her hair however, eyebrows are not something Jossy chooses to worry about.

Her face is full of strong features, strong eyes that seem to permanently scowl, a full pair of lips that are often pursed tightly or pulled back in a human appearance of a snarl. Strong white teeth (the one thing she does look after really well), a crooked nose — a remnant from her childhood, and a strong jaw that has a stubborn set to it. The nose was broken when she was five, she pulled a chair down on top of her self and the nose was never the same after that.

She is tall for a woman, easily reaching six feet in height. This isn't something that she finds particularly great and very much wishes that she was a slightly more average height. Standing head and shoulders above most people is not a great way to go unnoticed. She is also quite thin, although that isn't to say she isn't strong. Wiry would possibly be the best word for Jossy, strong wiry muscles hidden underneath pale skin. Her legs are long, and she walks with a great loping stride. She also hunches over too much, trying to make herself shrink into the background and be less noticeable.

When Jossy was younger she went through her rebellion stage. That led to several tattoos, most noticeably a half sleeve on her left arm of a Koi carp and lotus flowers. On her back is a trail of butterflies down her spine, and on the tops of her feet are wings. On her ring finger is a small black wolfs head. Of course she has scars, in this day and age, how can you not. Most are hidden underneath clothing, several are painfully obvious like the ones down the right side of her face, the claw marks that have damaged her ear beyond repair. Even she doesn't remember how she got them.


Jossy as a wolf is someone not to be trifled with. She makes a big wolf, just like she is a big human. However this does mean that speed and agility are not exactly her forte. Her eyes are the same sort of blue they are when she is a human, and not matter what form she is in there is always cold calculating humanity shining out of them. Her pelt is black…mostly, with a few white points like her back two feet, and left front one, as well as white around her muzzle and at the very tip of heir tail. Where the facial scars are when she is human more white fur grows. Unlike her human hair, Jossy's pelt is perfectly groomed and cared for; she cares more for her wolf self than she does for her human self.




Military parents stationed in Japan. Father one of the "Greatest Generation"? Father maybe the PRODUCT of the Greatest Generation?
Born and spent a number of years in Izumo, Japan. But a white girl. White parents.



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