Kahlite Pack

Kahlite Pack Alphas

The Kahlites were established in 1965 by a werewolf named Connor Brighton. Their territory comprises the whole of UBC campus, including Wreck Beach, as well as some of the Pacific Spirit Forest. Most notable for having won a war over territory in 1973, and surviving an enormous outbreak of the Snap in 2006.


The Kahlite Pack has varied in size from 10-30 werewolves between 1965-2006. Generally speaking, the population was mostly comprised of students who often left to find jobs or pursue a normal life. Those who maintained jobs on the campus were the only long-time loyal pack members. This changed in 2006 when the Snap decimated human populations. Point Grey became a sanctuary from the plague and many werewolves flocked their for the safety and security the Kahlites were provided with. Current population is estimated at 100.

Current Members

Years are approximations.
Aamir - 2 years
Alexi - 6 years
Ari - 8 years
Barix - A little over 1 month
Blind - Recent
Cale - Recent
Callisto - About a year
Dava - Recent
Dice - Less than a year
Elise - Recent
Embla - 11 years
Emmi - 6 years
Gabrielle - ?
Griffin - Recent
Isabelle - Recent
Furi - Recent
Jacqui - 2 years
Jasmine - ?
Jonah - 3 years
Jordan - Recent
Joseph - 40 years
Kepler - ?
Lilly - Recent
Liam - 30 years
Lysander - 12 years
Miranda - Recent
Nicky - Recent
Nikola - 12 years
Nine - 12 years
Opal - 10 years
Orion - 3 years
Paige - 3 years
Quinn - Recent
Roman - 3 years
Ryan - ?
Rook - 7 years
Ryan - 3 years (father was an established member)?
Sapphire - 30 years, on and off presence
Scott - 25 years
Serove - 15 years
Sophie - 3 years
Sybaris - 2 years
Torindra- 4 years
Trey - 2 years
Zachary - 13 years (father was an established member)
Zea - Recent


Alpha - Nikola Thornhart
Beta - OPEN
Gamma - Joseph Wells & Scott Blehnwar
Delta - John Veritas & Marcus Seaver

Pack members
Andrea Thorsen
Liam Westcott
Luca Thornhart
Orion Klause
Sapphire Laurel
Jocelyn Cheshire

Alexi Vishinsky - Pack Greeter
Ari Seaver
Davida Ambrose
Dicen Elkyone
Emmi Landon
Quinn Mazrim
Ryan Todd
Sophie Dean - Pack Greeter
Torindra Chelfor
Zachary Lin

Ayame Kimura
Barix Caliso
Elise Pricht
Elizabeth McElheny
Gabriele Markovic
Jacqui Vemsiek
Jasmine Lin
Trey Pacioretty

Arjun Vyas
Inari Logan
Jonah Annesly
Jordan Connors
Nicholas Briggs
Paige Annesly
Robert Campbell
Tabatha Sylvestre

Zea Mazuo


The Kahlites were established by Connor Brighton in 1965. Connor was a professor of biology at the University of British Columbia. He was a rogue for many years there, as werewolves were not very common. He started gaining followers when he started recognizing the behaviors and patterns of werewolves in some of his students.

Other staff members at the university became permanent members of the pack, while many of the students moved away after a time.

In 1973 the Sytkah Pack, a band of nomads from the Yukon Territories, started moving South in search of a more suitable territory. They were small but mostly comprised of aggressive Feros, and when they decided that the Pacific Spirit made a nice home, a challenge for territory ensued. Connor first attempted to form a treaty dividing the Pacific Spirit so that Sytkah got part of the woods and part of Vancouver (so long as they did not encroach on Agassiz territory as well. The Alpha of Sytkah, Isaiah, did not agree to these terms and provoked a war between Kahlites and Sytkahs.

Though the Kahlites had more in number than the Sytkahs, the Sytkahs were entirely comprised of intimidating Feros. The Kahlites won, but there were several casualties. One of them was Connor. Only 8 survived.

Connor had deigned that his Beta, Elizabeth Beck, should inherit the pack if he were to die. Elizabeth did, and had a mostly peaceful reign. Elizabeth was, however, a little paranoid, which caused a lot of exasperation with other pack members.

Ian Rochester eventually challenged Elizabeth for her position and won. Elizabeth was not killed, but she was demoted to Omega. Ian considered this a just recourse for someone who'd failed to gain respect from her 'inferiors.'

The power swiftly went to Ian's head though, warping and manipulating his Judgment's Calling. He had a vendetta against humans the likes of which he never discussed, but if a human discovered the pack they were immediately sentenced to death. His reign was only 2 years, as he was murdered when he attempted to kill a pack mate's human brother.

Nikola Thornehart inherited the pack from there on. At fifteen, he was the youngest Alpha to rule the Kahlites.

In 2006, the first outbreak of the Snap forced Nikola to set up patrols around the Pacific Spirit preventing any Infected from entering Point Grey. As a result, Point Grey became something of a sanctuary, and rumor of it spread to both humans and werewolves. The population of Point Grey has since been growing exponentially.

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