Kathryn Agnus


Date of Birth: 1985
Date of Disappearance: 2006
Phase: Feros
Gift: Venom
Calling: Seeker's Calling
Pack: Kahlite
Rank: Iota

Kathryn Agnus was a little spitfire child, the daughter of an Alaska crab fisherman and a woman that trained horses.

Her father died when she was 5 years old, a victim of an accident on the boat, as happens to such men. Kathryn continued to help her mother, and to excel in academics. She first Changed after a horse threw her when she was 15, and almost trampled her.

It was not as much of an issue out on the ranch. Her mother was surprisingly understanding, even if she was fairly quiet on the whole matter of how it happened and how to deal with it. But not very much changed in Kathryn's life. She graduated high school early, being a voracious learner, and was eager to get out in the world. She decided to join a military ROTC program, and started attending the University of BC at 16 years old.

Unused to the city and unused to other werewolves, Kathryn almost caused substantial harm when she unknowingly used her Venom on a Kahlite when she lashed out on her first Phase when they found her in the woods.

Kathryn took quickly to the lessons of pack life, and bonded with Scott. He was the father figure that had never been around in her life, and he understood her new abilities and could help her with them. She was still a little spitfire, though. Anyone foolish enough to think her sweet oval face meant she had a sweet disposition soon found out better. Kathryn tended to get into arguments with the troublemakers in the pack, usually using her superior knowledge as a vehicle to debate victory.

Graduating with a BA in Communications in three years, Kathryn headed off to active duty in 2004. She regularly sent letters to Scott, coming back to visit twice.

In 2006, when the world collapsed, the letters stopped coming. She hasn't been back to visit.

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