Moonphase: Gibbous Moon

The Gibbous Moon Phase is associated with thoughtful, emotional, creative werewolves. Many are driven to express their Phase in the form of art, music, or a craft. Werewolves who are skilled smiths, programmers, painters, pianists, chefs, and weavers are all likely to belong to this Phase. Kuduma often have excellent, far-reaching memories, which makes them masterful storytellers, and many retain an almost encyclopedic store of knowledge. They are dreamers with high ideals, also sometimes capable of walking in the dreams of others. They are often a source of inspiration to their pack, and also highly persuasive in arguments. Kuduma often have extremely keen senses, even by the high standards of werewolves. Members of this Phase are also the most likely to go insane, generally due to a lack of creative outlet.

Roles: Jokesters, Storytellers, Wisemen, Craftsmen, Artists, Prophets, Visionaries, Dream-Interpreters

Primary Attributes: Expressive/Inspirational, Creative, Knowledgeable, Keen senses

Gifts: Modification, Dreamwalking, Craftsman's Gift, Immunity, Empathy, Mending, Illusion

Written by: Skiecrow

Known Kuduma

Alexi “Twain” Vishinsky
Aras Elkyone
Embla Ovesen
Jasmine Lin
Kain “Mr. Magpie” Chesters
Lilly Constance Greyson
Lorcan De La Voye
Orion Marjorie Klause
Scott Blehnwar
Tobias Lenz

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