Luca "Nine" Thornehart

Roleplayer: Silvae

Date of Birth: April 24, 1982
Phase: Feros
Gift: Destruction
Calling: Judgment's
Pack: Kahlite
Rank: Epsilon

Luca "Nine" Thornehart (born April 24, 1982) is a werewolf and an Epsilon of the Kahlite Pack. He is the twin brother of the Alpha, Nikola Thornehart. Notable for his rash decision to rescue Dicen Elkyone after he imprisoned and tortured werewolves as test subjects at Elkyone Labs. He later fell in love and soulbonded with Dice.

Physical Appearance

Nine is 6'5", broad shouldered, and, even by werewolf standards, quite the behemoth. His tan skin is smattered with freckles, mostly across the bridge of his nose and along his shoulders. He has green eyes and dark brown hair. His hair is normally disshevelled, and not always in an 'attractive' way — in the morning some parts stick up at odd angles while others are pasted flat to his head. It's relatively short, about three-inches long. He's scruffy, like his brother. His voice is deep and somewhat intimidating. He has three scars, two on his abdomen and one on his chest, shaped like stars from the bullet wounds Dice suffered at the hands of Jayden.




Fireblooded Stats

  • Height: 5'7" quadruped; 11'11" duoped
  • Weight: approx. 1300 lbs





Nine and Dice planned on soulbonding for a long while before actually committing to it entirely. For a few months they wore the exchanged gifts: Nine wore a gray feather that had come from Dice's old pet African Grey parrot, Nine wore a piece of green sea glass. They officially soulbonded and exchanged blood when Jayden nearly killed Dice with three silver bullets to the chest. In a last ditch effort to save Dice, Nine soulbonded with him and used Dice's Mending to save them both. As a result they both have three starburst patterned scars on their chests and abdomens.


Nine, to most, is an unfeeling bastard. Even with friends, his companionship can seem frigid.

He prefers to keep a select few exceptionally close friends while keeping everyone else at arm's length. However, when he does 'click' with another he becomes a nearly inseparable extra appendage. He's a very devoted companion.

Nine is also extremely opinionated, and rarely backs down from a decision once it's made. He does respect the opinions of others, he's just more inclined to believe that he's right. In many ways, he can be vain and arrogant. He makes no apologies for it either.

Despite all his anti-social tendencies, Nine can be quite charming and generous. Selectively. He hates to see his friends in any state of physical, emotional, or mental distress. He does his best to appease all his friends without coming across as too motherly. He is a nurturing soul, though, and his Calling has produced an even more warped sense of justice when it comes to protecting those he cares about.

Below the surface, so deep it can only be glimpsed after years of knowing the man, Nine craves the comfort and love of his companions. He thrives on it. He would be lost without his friends and he owes them more than he thinks he can give. He doesn't always believe he deserves the few friends he does have.

His arrogant demeanour is mostly a facade. He is a vulnerable individual beneath the outer layers of hostility.

Behind closed doors, Nine is a different man. He can be sarcastic or silly (on the verge of lunacy). He likes cooking. Rephrase that: he likes eating. Some of his friends might mistake him for the domestic sort if they seem him puttering around the kitchen. Don't tell him this; he'll break one of your toes.

Beneath all that he has one specific desire. Since Nine was a very young boy he's dreamed of soulbonding with another werewolf. He can't quite describe why. His only explanations are the kind he wouldn't dare verbalize. He likes the idea of a permanent companion with whom he can share all his secrets. Despite how badly he wants it, he would never resort to soulbonding with someone he barely knew.

Nine has many insecurities, but the source most likely stems from the constant comparison that was made between his brother and himself. Their family were not well-off and only planned to have on child - the birth of twins was a shock to both their hearts and their bank accounts. Despite how unfair it was, they could only afford to put one of them through University, and while Nine showed his intelligence in less conventional ways, Nikola was clearly the academic. Nine's learning disability made math and science quite a chore and he only just managed to get a high school diploma. Though he told his family that it was alright if Nikola went to school instead of him, he's had deep-seated worries about his own intelligence for years.

As a Feros, he has a frightening temper. However, he's never been known to go Fire-Blooded with his friends and family. He only had one instance of going Fire-Blooded with Nik. He's notorious for it with strangers - he's not a very trusting individual and his temper gets the best of him.

Nine can be cynical, cold, vicious, suffocating and over-protective. On the other hand, he can be devoted, generous, helpful and loving. It depends upon who he's with.


Luca grew up in Vancouver with his twin brother, Nikola and his parents, Arianna and Vlad. They were not the wealthiest family, but since they were easily the largest kids in school they didn't get picked on for having hand-me-down clothes. However, they were usually the last to get invited to birthday parties. They learned to depend upon one another for nearly everything. However, it soon became apparent that, while Nikola was gifted in nearly every class at school, Luca was learning disabled and struggled in almost every class except English. His parents felt they were to blame, since they attributed his success in literacy to the fact that he'd been read to as a child, and 'if only they'd started him off in math and science earlier.'

At fifteen, Nikola went missing for about a week. Luca and his parents went looking everywhere and called the police about his disappearance. When he returned, he wouldn't speak to any of them, and kept to his room in silence for another week. Even after he began talking to Luca again, it wasn't the same. The next month, he vanished again, this time just for one night. Luca was hysterical with worry throughout this period of distance — his brother had never deigned to keep anything from him before. The next month, Luca heard Nik leaving, and followed him.

That was the first time he met Nik's pack. He'd followed Nik deep into the Pacific Spirit, only to find that once the sun had set completely, Nik was no longer Nik. The werewolves he was with were not happy about Luca's appearance, and one in particular took it upon himself to make sure their secret stayed secret. Ian - the pack Alpha - nearly tore Luca to pieces. Nik intervened, but it was clear that Luca would either die or turn as well. Nik killed Ian during the squabble and assumed leadership himself. Just before sunrise, Luca's wounds healed, and he endured his first transformation by the fading light of the full moon.

The brothers made amends, but the moment marked a definite loss of innocence for the both of them — Nikola now considered himself a cold-blooded murderer and Luca felt he was also partially responsible. Despite what happened, they bear no regrets for it. Luca is happy to be a werewolf, since it keeps him close to his brother. He started referring to himself as 'Nine' after this and hasn't told anyone precisely why.

When the time came to pick universities, their parents admitted that they didn't have enough money to put two kids through school, and they felt that Nik had a better chance of success than Luca did. While Luca doesn't resent his brother for this turn of events, he's always felt insecure about his own intelligence.

His brother attended UBC and majored in biology and chemistry. Luca followed him there and got a job doing grunt labour, starting off as a custodian, then logistics personnel, then working at the gym and as a personal trainer. After Nik and Luca moved out, their parents moved to a less expensive location in Alberta. Nikola was working toward his PhD when the Plague hit. It was at this point that they became aware of just how many werewolves were hiding on campus. Many humans fled, but the werewolves banded together to form a larger pack, capable of keeping Point Grey safe from the infected. They still don't know if their parents are alright.

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