Lyceus Pack

Lyceus Pack Alphas

Home to the Lyceus pack, Agassiz was and still is a small farming community on the north back of the Fraser River, 72 miles (115 km) east of Vancouver. Before the Snap, Agassiz supplied the markets of Vancouver. While they didn’t escape the Snap unscathed, Agassiz weathered the calamities better than most. This was due to luck, location, a smaller and close-knit population to start with, and the Lyceus pack. Like the Kahlites, the Lyceui protect the surviving humans.


There are about seventy or so members and, as a whole, the Lyceus pack seems to be both unified and loyal to the alphas, Max and Evangeline Gaarder. The pack also functions as a clan, with the majority of its members related by blood or marriage. Indeed, the human spouses and children were often told the truth (with the alphas’ permission) and included in pack affairs. The werewolf community at large considered this highly unorthodox.

Current named members






As the Lyceus pack have long been friendly neighbours to the Kahlites, in the spring of the second year after the Snap, they re-established contact. Since then, the two packs have been trading goods thanks to the Fraser river. In exchange for scavenging rights in Vancouver and goodwill, the Lyceus supply Point Grey with wheat, flour, corn, other food goods, and the occasional farming advice.

The Lyceui also trade with the other few settlements and packs along the Fraser; or at least, those close enough to make it worth their while. Along with trade comes gossip – some of which they pass along to the Kahlites.

Although welcome to newcomers, the Lyceus pack has a long probation period and expects its members to work hard along with the humans at farming, building, whatever needs to be done. This combination means that rogues tend to drift on through, looking for somewhere larger and easier.

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