Moonphase: Crescent Moon

The Quarter Moon Phase often produces werewolves with keen intelligence, talent, and determination. Mencari vary in temperament, but most are cheerful, charismatic and personable. Of all the Phases, Mencari are easily the most patient, and the most hungry for knowledge, often avid readers or writers. Many dedicate themselves to pursuing perfection in their particular field of interest, and many notable healers, academics, educators, scientists, and oracles of the global werewolf community are Mencari. A Mencari’s single-mindedness can often lead them into trouble, sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong, and sometimes venturing into unsafe territory or human habitations in search of fresh insights.

Roles: Healers, Academics, Scientists, Oracles, Teachers, Lore-Keepers, Mentors

Primary Attributes: Charisma, Optimism, Patience, Determination, Intelligence

Gifts: Dreamwalking, Regeneration, Empathy, Mending, Projection, Mindcrawling, Telepathy

Written by: Skiecrow

Prominent Mencari

Cale Ryder
Davida Ambrose
Dicen Elkyone
Gabriele Adler Markovic
Jayden O’Connor
Joseph Wells
Katia Loren Thornehart
Melody “Opal” Hall
Paige Annesly
Torindra Chelfor

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