Menders are capable of supernaturally treating wounds by stopping bleeding and healing flesh. Those new to the Gift are generally able to encourage rapid scabbing over, at best. The gift also generally only functions on others, as Menders find it very difficult to maintain the concentration required to use the Gift on their own bodies; in this way, it is not as useful for self-preservation as the Regeneration ability. However, the wide variety of illnesses and ailments to which this Gift may be applied at a more advanced level makes it highly versatile, and useful for far more than simple wound closure.

Advanced Abilities: with training, this Gift can be applied to a variety of ailments. For an advanced Mender, it is possible to remove bullets, extract poison, stave off infection, kill cancerous cells, stop internal bleeding, and mend broken bones.

Associated Phases: Mencari, Kuduma

Written by: Skiecrow

Rift characters with this Gift: 4

Dicen Elkyone
Cameron Osborn
Katia Loren Thornehart
Mukki Mingan
Nootau Askook

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