Permits the werewolf to subtly shift their physical appearance in certain ways other werewolves can not. Modifiers will use this Gift to grow saber-like teeth, ankle spurs, a spine ridge, create piercings and tattoos, and so on. Some can choose to modify their general size. It is often associated with Celerity, the ability to move at colossal speeds on foot.

Advanced Abilities: Particularly talented individuals can make themselves look like different people altogether, so as not to be recognized.

Associated Phases: Feros, Kuduma

Written by: Skiecrow

Rift characters with this Gift: 2

  • Andrea Thorsen: Moderate combat-based Modification. Can grow fangs and claws even while in human form, and change body to be bigger. Minor control with piercings and fur-tattoos.
  • Lilly Greyson: Minor cosmetic changes, so far limited to hair colour, shape, and tattoos in human form that match her wolf markings.


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