Nicky Briggs

Roleplayer: Kenji

Date of Birth: October 31
Phase: Arkai
Gift: Mindcrawling
Calling: Lunatic's
Pack: Kahlite
Rank: Kappa


Physical Appearance

Hair: Normally a mousy brown, Nicky has dyed his hair black and does so continuously. He hasn't gotten his hair cut by anyone who knows what they are doing in God only knows when. Usually, if it gets to a point where he thinks it's too long, he'll hack it off himself. With the way he styles his hair most of the time, having it even isn't really an issue.
Eyes: Large and brown. Most people comment that Nicky's eyes are probably the only thing on him worth a damn. They are, without a doubt, the tool which gets him out of trouble most of the time. He knows how to work them, and work them he does!
Height: 5'3" (hooray for short kids!)
Weight: 110lbs
Build: He's a skinny kid, but a rough life has lead him to appreciate the need for strength. Wiry muscle lays just below his pallid skin. He has a small frame though, and he often gets in over his head. There's only so much someone can do when you're short.
Piercings/Tattoos: Both ears are pierced numerous times. He has one eyebrow stud and a tongue ring which he habitually twirls in his mouth. He has five tattoos. One on his right shoulder blade dedicated to his sister. A butterfly with her birth date hidden in the wings. a simple tribal band around his left upper arm. A pair of lips puckered against his skin rests right below his right hip. The kanji that stands for 'naked' is set at the small of his back and…. by far his favorite tattoo ever… small lettering on his right butt cheek that says 'Your Name'. It's a great ice breaker… "Hey, I've got your name tattooed on my ass!"


Not very large, even by werewolf standards, Nicky looks very much the picturesque gray wolf, white fur with black tips cover his top coat. His muzzle is white, as is most of his undercoat, though his right front paw is socked with black, as is the tip of his tail.


At least that's what we hope he is. Nicky seems to have little fear and what's more, he seeks out danger. He'd the kid you might see car surfing or breaking in to another person's house, not to steal, but to simply see if he could do it without getting caught. He takes risks beyond what people would consider normal. He says he is just easily bored. But even that excuse doesn't cover his extreme recklessness.

He's got a comment for everything, and he will certainly let you hear them. It isn't often that you can catch Nicky speechless. He just doesn't seem to know when to shut up and it usually lands him in a heap of trouble. But he "ain't dead yet!" Which is honestly surprising…

Part of the reason he "ain't dead yet," is his uncanny ability to talk his way out of pretty much anything. It's definitely amazing to witness. The youth is quite brilliant in the ways of manipulating the rules to suit his own needs and he can twist your head in circles till you think you were agreeing with him in the first place. People who deal with Nicky usually forget why he was in trouble in the first place.

Nicky likes pain. He makes this obvious most of the time by dousing his cigarettes on the flesh of his fore arm. His reckless nature usually provides him with more than enough exposure to pain, and if that doesn't do him in, he's likely to go and get himself another tattoo or piercing.

Even though it seems Nicky is trying furiously to be older than he is, he's still a kid and one that has had very little stability in his life. Order in the chaos is something he yearns for without even knowing it. He wants to know things will turn out alright in the end. He wants to know that someone gives a damn about him, even if he flails like a rag doll trying to get away. He's your typical broken kid from a broken home. He's got a tough front, but it's merely skin deep.


Trixie and Hops were two people who should have never gotten hitched. Everyone tried to tell them what a mistake they were making, getting married straight after high school… But that only seemed to strengthen their resolve. Now, these weren't your typical high school sweet hearts. Oh no. These were the two you prayed would break up just so you wouldn't have to hear them yelling in the hallway. Horrible together and seemingly miserable without each other. It was a lose, lose situation that was bound to wind up with someone either dead or in prison. Or both… which is just what happened.

Nicky was their second child. Probably should have never been born considering how many problems they were having. Not only was their relationship going down the drain, their meager salaries weren't cut up for dealing with a family of four. That's when Hops decided to take on a side job. Trixie wasn't too thrilled about the thought of cooking drugs so close to her kids as you can imagine. But. her ideas on moral values began to shift, especially after she got herself a little habit.

Being the baby of the family, Nicky was mostly sheltered from the blunt realities of his family life. This was all due to his miraculous sister. Bethany was more a parent to the boy than either of his real ones. It should have been obvious that there was a problem when Nicky would cry for Bethany and not mommy when he hurt himself.

He was ten when Hops got caught in a bust and was carted off to jail. Five years is a long time when you are the main source of income for your family. With Trixie's new found past time, it didn't take long for the state to step in. Both kids were handed over to Trixie's mother, a woman nearing 70.

Life at Nicky's grandmother's house was far more reliable. Bethany seemed to really blossom there. Nicky, on the other hand, seemed to have more problems. He was trouble at home, he was trouble at school, he was even more trouble with his friends. His grandmother called him 'the bad seed'. As you can imagine, Nicky and his grandmother didn't get along very well. This all came to a definitive head when Trixie died from a meth overdose not but a few months before Hops was scheduled to get out of prison.

It was all rather odd for Nicky. He'd barely seen or heard from his mother since he and his sister were dropped off at his grandmother's door. She'd certainly never been much of a mother to him. Feelings of loss were reflected on his sister's face, but Nicky… he just seemed too busy with his own life to be bothered by it.

Bethany was in college and doing well. Nicky was barely passing high school and after a particularly heated confrontation between the two of them, grandma was all too happy to pass the problem child back on to her ungrateful, widowed son-in-law once he got out of prison. And so, Nicky was pawned off again, back to his father.

Prison can change a man. It definitely changed Hops. He's always been a loud and rambunctious louse. Now he was quiet… and much more angry. He did happen to learn a trade though. Living with only two mouths to feed was a hell of a lot easier than living with four. Hops got a job working at a chop shop not far away from the trailer park the two now lived.

Nicky was fifteen now and was beginning to understand the power of sexuality, and he certainly had a way with it. Of course, he wasn't just a ladies man. Oh no. Sex was sex. And it seemed he actually preferred men to girls. This didn't go over well with his daddy… especially one fateful night the man happened to walk in on his son and his neighbor in a rather compromising position. When "beating the f*g**t out" didn't work, Nicky found himself on the streets.

Much to proud to ask his grandmother for help, and no where near desperate enough to bother his thriving sister, Nicky did what he could, where he could, till he got himself on his feet. He's became more self sufficient than most people ever thought he'd be. Of course, he'd fallen back on his father's old side job. Nicky did most of his work out of trucker stations and would hitch rides to get where ever he needed to go. It was a dirty way to live, but a man's got to do what a man's got to do right? Of course, Nicky wasn't even a man yet… but that didn't matter. In fact, in some cases it helped.

It was almost predictable that the boy would find himself an untimely end, cut up by some psychopath in the shrubs behind a truck stop, bleeding to death. Surprisingly enough though… Nicky didn't die that night. Just as the bombs fell on Vancouver, Nicky Briggs changed for the first time, beneath the light of a new moon. He thought he'd gone mad. When he finally came to, all he could see was destruction. For a year, he traveled alone, thinking that he'd gone mad… then men in bio hazard suits found him. The poked at him, prodded him, and finally netted him and threw him in a cage where several people who seemed to have whatever it was he had were too.

The basement laboratory of some scientific experiment wasn't exactly the best place to learn that you're a werewolf.

One night, during a slew of commotion, Nick's cage, and all the other cages were opened. Without so much as a second thought, he made his way out. But instead of following the others, Nicky went off on his own. He wasn't stupid. Why follow the group? Splitting off was the best way to keep from getting caught again. He's been wandering alone for about a year now,convinced that he's still in some sort of nightmare, but willing to go with it as long as he's alive.


Kahlite Pack


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