Nikola Thornehart

Roleplayer: Silvae

Date of Birth: April 24, 1982
Phase: Feros
Gift: Regeneration
Calling: Guardian's
Pack: Kahlite
Rank: Alpha

Nikola Thornehart (born April 24, 1982) is a werewolf and the Alpha male of the Kahlite Pack. He inherited the responsibility of Alpha after vengefully murdering the Kahlite's current Alpha, Ian Rochester at the age of fifteen. The conflict arose when Ian attempted to kill Nik's twin brother, Nine.

Physical Appearance

He has the most alarming eyebrows. They're thick, they're dark, they're a bit unruly. They do make Nik's face rather expressive. He has dark brown eyes and hair, which is usually kept shortish. He's never perfectly clean shaven. He claims that after becoming a werewolf, keeping a clean shave would involve ducking into the bathroom every two-three hours. He's 6'5" and built for battle, not speed. He has a hairline scar that's cleft his upper lip on the left side, making his smile a little lopsided.


Nikola in wolf form is a deep brown colour with darker browns accenting his ears, hackles and legs. His eyes are yellow. He has a creamy coloured muzzle that fades down his neck. He's big, even for a werewolf, double the size of a regular wild wolf. The scar on his upper lip is more evident in this shape.


Fireblooded Stats

  • Height: 5'4" quadruped; 11'5" duoped
  • Weight: approx. 1200 lbs


Nikola is a Regeneration were, colloquially referred to as a 'Regen.' His healing is incredibly advanced, scrapes and deep-tissue gashes healing in a matter of minutes. Fractured bones take a bit longer, and complete breaks must be set before the bone mends irregularly. Organ damage can also be regenerated, but takes a great deal longer than other bumps and scrapes.

Other side effects include an abnormal tolerance to alcohol or any other drug, as his body metabolizes the toxins too quickly for them to have much of an effect. If relaxed he can manage inebriation on approximately six 26 liter bottles of vodka, but if something causes a panic or rush of adrenaline, he's sober in ten seconds.

Curiously, his Regen seems much less effective when he is suffering the repercussions of his Calling. Dicen Elkyone once examined these effects to find that his Calling seemed to be producing blood thinners in his lungs, cancelling out his Regen, resulting in bloody coughing symptoms.



Nik is a number of things. Headstrong, socially awkward, over-protective, and the list goes on. Of the many adjectives to describe him though, protective might be the best word. His Guardian's Calling only seems to amplify this trait. As a result, when harm comes to his loved ones, emotional or physical, his Calling makes him suffer for it, slowing down his Regen and causing bleeding in the lungs.

Nik's mother impressed upon him an importance in respect, especially where women are concerned. As a result he tries his best to be a strict gentleman while in the presence of women, which can either be charming or infuriating, depending upon how you look at it.

On the one hand, he can be a loving, sensitive individual. At times though, he can be a cold jerk with very little regard for how his words or actions affect others. Usually, the victims of his spite get the brunt of it due to his Calling; if he feels someone is a threat, he doesn't treat them very nicely.


  • Birthplace: Vancouver, B.C.
  • Education:
    • Zoology
    • History
    • Enligsh
  • Religion: Atheist
  • Sexuality: heterosexual


Nikola grew up in Vancouver with his twin brother, Luca Thornehart. Their family wasn't very well off, often struggling to make end's meet. What they lacked in economic means, they made up for in (cue cheesy music) love. Nothing was perfect, Nik suffered from the high expectations of his parents while Luca suffered their lack of encouragement. They did love each other though, and Nik's childhood was mostly a happy one. His best memories are set at their cottage on Vancouver Island, where the family vacationed. The cottage was a family heirloom, so his family didn't feel like they had to worry about money for a fancy get away.

High school was stressful, as it usually is for most teens. Nine came out of the closet (his parents weren't surprised), Nik suffered quite a bit of bullying. He was more tall and gangly than anything, not to mention extremely bookish.

That changed when, at fifteen, he encountered what he thought had been a rabid dog in the park while out for a walk in the evening. It wasn't very late, only seven, but during the fall months the days got very short and it was dark by six. The werewolf who bit him was a girl who had only just been Changed. He managed to escape, running all the way to Vancouver Hospital and admitting himself to be tested for rabies.

The tests came back negative. One month later, he was the wolf running through the back alleys of the city, confused and dazed and out of control. That was when he first met Ian Rochester. Ian explained what he was, what would happen every night on the full moon, and that joining a pack was the easiest way to adapt to this new lifestyle. He was persuasive, but something about the man grated on Nik's nerves right from the start.

He soon learned that Ian wasn't a very compassionate leader. He was tyrannical in his rule and his entire hierarchy was comprised of men. He treated women like objects, something Nikola wouldn't stand for. The few times he did speak up against the Alpha he was 'put in his place.'

He grew pretty fast over the next couple of months. He grew, and he kept disappearing, and he was distant from his brother. Luca eventually went to investigate where Luca had been disappearing to all that time, and he happened upon the Kahlites.

Ian had strict laws regarding humans. No humans were allowed to know about them, and any human who did was exterminated. Ian didn't waste any time either; Judgment's Calling was strong and, in his case, corrupted. He brutally mauled Luca, and if not for Nik's intervention Luca would have been killed. He pulled through, transforming into a werewolf just like his brother.

Nik hadn't known when dealing Ian a fatal blow that he had become Alpha of the Kahlites.

Eventually, Nik and Luca were forced to tell their parents why they kept disappearing on a monthly basis. All things considered, they took it pretty well (Nikola jokes that they had practice after accepting Luca for being gay). Arianna continued to love her sons. After a year, Vlad implored Nikola and Luca to Change him too. Nikola agreed to do it after explaining Callings and Vlad chose Guardian's.

Nikola was afforded a post-secondary education. However, his parents couldn't afford tuition for both Nik and Luca. Luca got a job as a personal trainer at the campus gym; he'd been working with Nikola ever since his first Change.

Nikola and Luca grew distant after Luca became infatuated with a young Psychology student named Jayden. Nikola found Jayden creepy and resented him for the rift that began to grow between his brother and himself. His concern only became more adamant when Luca started talking about soulbonding with Jayden. Nik's insistence that it was a bad idea, especially since they'd have to Change Jayden first. It was possibly this disagreement which led to the months where the brothers went without speaking to each other.

Jayden, after agreeing to Change and soulbond with Luca, abruptly severed their relationship all together. Luca was distraught beyond words. He was a bonded werewolf, and despite the fact they hadn't been soulbonded, he considered Jayden his mate. He was inconsolable; nothing Nikola tried helped. Nik's Calling had him bent over a sink on a daily basis. The worst of it came when Nikola returned to their dorm to find Luca with a gun in his mouth.

Nikola saved his brother from suicide on three separate occasions, but he sometimes questioned his motives, wondering if it was selfish to keep Luca alive. He couldn't understand; his wolf had never really been in love.

The Snap was stressful, but it was almost a welcome distraction. It gave Luca the opportunity to vent his feelings while on Patrol, and kept him busy enough not to off himself.

Since then, Nikola's time has been mostly divided between organizing pack affairs, patrols, beating/getting beaten by Sybaris, and drinking excessively with Serove.


Nikola became Alpha of the Kahlites at 15 years old after successfully usurping the former Alpha, Ian. He continued to attend the University of British Columbia both to please his parents and keep close to his pack territory.

In 2006, the Snap hit Vancouver, and Nikola was forced to make dire decisions in order to keep Point Grey safe. The Pacific Spirit acted as a greenbelt, and Nikola set up patrols along these borders. All of the Kahlites were familiarized with the scent of infection, and any infected individuals trying to cross were immediately dispatched. It was cruel work, especially when rumors started to spread that no one in Point Grey caught the Snap because they had discovered a cure. The first year was the most difficult, with hundreds of people flocking in every day. The Kahlites were not large in numbers, only ten to begin with, twenty after a few more werewolves trickled into their ranks. Sometimes, panic over something as simple as the common cold resulted in people trying to /leave/ Point Grey, and werewolves' time had to be sacrificed in keeping the peace. Many of the wolves were kept awake for days, either on patrol or attending to the humans. They also had to make dangerous bi-weekly treks into Vancouver for supplies.

The chaos was only worsened by Elkyone Labs, as they were hunting and capturing werewolves for testing in an effort to create a cure for the Snap. This is where Nikola's father, Vlad, met his end after trying to escape with his wife, Arianna, to Vancouver Island.

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