Pack Hierarchy

Like wild wolf packs, werewolves have a pack hierarchy to help maintain order. Werewolves naturally feel an extreme loyalty to their pack and treat it like family.

Remember that pack positions are reward-based. Your character could be promoted to one of these positions if you post actively with them. If you'd like your character to start as a pre-established member of the pack, PM me with the character idea and the rank you'd like.

The numbers in brackets beside each position indicate how many people may occupy that position within a pack.


Alpha: (one - two) this is the pack leader and figure head; usually a very dominant, bold and charismatic personality.

Beta: (one-two) the Alpha's second-in-command; if the Alpha has to leave the territory, the Beta takes over.

Gamma: (one-two) the pack's head medic. These wolves are essential to maintaining the health of a wolf pack.

Delta: (one-two) the pack's head teacher of all newly infected werewolves. New wolves have to learn how to contain their temperamental fits and blood lust so they do not become a potential threat to the secrecy of the pack.

Epsilon: (unlimited number) the pack warriors, whose main responsibility is to protect the pack and keep watch for danger. These wolves worked hard to earn their rank.

Zeta: (unlimited number) pack members who have established themselves as loyal, reputable individuals, and whose main duty is to teach other packmates how to use their gift.

Iota: (unlimited number) a pack member with seniority over Kappas due to experience or proven loyalty (automatic promotion after your character has 20 in-character posts).

Kappa: (unlimited number) a regular member of the pack.

Omega: the lowest ranking member; this individual must have done something to incur the pack's disdain. They're forced to eat last at meals, and many of the other werewolves will take out their frustrations on the omega.

Written by: Silvae

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