Below is a list of the werewolf packs at Rift along with a short description.


The main pack at Rift. It occupies the Point Grey territory, having secured the area from Snap victims since 2006.

Lab Pack

A pack of werewolves who were used as test subjects at Elkyone Labs. Their territory was confined to the cell block until they were sprung by Ari, Dava, Dice and Nine. They merged with the Kahlites.

Pannoowau Pack

A pack of cannibals set upon invading Kahlite territory by posing as a band of renegades who wish to join them.

  • Population: 10?
  • Alpha(s): Dag & Soka
  • Status: in the plotting-stage

Lyceus Pack

A large pack situated in the town of Agassiz on the Fraser River responsible for the majority of trade with the Kahlites.

Sytkah Pack

A pack of nomadic werewolves originating from the Yukon Territories who struck a war over territory with the Kahlites in 1973. They were wiped out during that war. The Sytkahs only accepted Feros into their fold.

Algonquin Pack

A large pack of werewolves that controls the Algonquin Provincial Forest in Ontario. Scott Blehnwar was born into that pack.

  • Population: appx. 275
  • Alpha(s): ???
  • Status: non-playable, presumed alive

Dentrax Pack

A New York City pack of werewolves who possessed the Brooklyn/Brighton Beach area as their territory. Previous members at Rift are Sybaris, Sasha, and the ghost Leonid.

Winteko Pack

An inner city New York pack of werewolves taken over by an ambitious were named Cutter. Previously the largest and most respected pack in New York, their territory covered Manhattan. Attempting to take over all of the New York City area by either absorbing or destroying the other packs in the area. Wiped out the Dentrax Pack and most of the Draedh Pack, absorbed the Bronx Pack and the rest of the Draedh.

  • Population: 78
  • Alpha(s): Cutter
  • Status: non-playable, presumed alive

Bronx Pack

A New York City pack of werewolves that controlled the Bronx neighborhood.

  • Population: 23
  • Alpha(s): ???
  • Status: non-playable, presumed alive, merged with the Winteko Pack

Draedh Pack

A small New York City pack of werewolves from Hoboken.

  • Population: 12
  • Alpha(s): ???
  • Status: extinct/merged with the Winteko Pack

Cupid Pack

A pack of werewolves from Allentown, New York.

  • Population: 19
  • Alpha(s): Mary Wilson
  • Status: non-playable, presumed alive.
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