Each werewolf experiences their first transformation under one of the five phases of the moon: Full Moon, Gibbous (or two-thirds) Moon, Half Moon, Crescent Moon, or New Moon. Which phase brings about this first change has a dramatic effect on the werewolf born of it, reflecting and affecting their personality as well as bestowing supernatural gifts. Each month, as the moon enters the werewolf’s Phase, which means the three days of that moon phase, they are forced to transform into a wolf at night. A werewolf is typically most powerful, aggressive, and feral during their Phase.


Use these summaries to decide which Phase best fits your character. These are brief descriptions of each Phase based on a typical member of the Phase, and much is stereotype and generalization. The personalities of werewolves within a single Phase vary widely. Though atypical, a given Skaal may prove more aggressive than a given Feros, or an Arkai more extroverted than a Kuduma.

Feros: The Full Moon
Physically strong, aggressive, dominant, protective, untamed, great control over their body, sometimes prone to rage

Kuduma: The Gibbous Moon
Creative, expressionist, inspiring, constructive, keen senses, mischievous, humorous, sometimes prone to insanity

Skaal: The Half Moon
Diplomatic, perceptive, persuasive, eloquent, determined, cunning, generally liked by werewolves and humans

Mencari: The Crescent Moon
Intelligent, practical, talented, cheerful, charismatic, driven, patient, prone to risk-taking

Arkai: The New Moon
Stealthy, agile, good actors, technologically adept, skilled hunters, prone to lying and duplicity

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