Rochelle Kepler

Roleplayer: Ash

Date of Birth: 30th May 1984
Phase: Skaal
Gift: Illusion
Calling: Fixation's
Pack: Lab & Kahlite
Rank: Beta & Kappa

Rochelle Ann Kepler (30th May 1984) was an Iota of the Kahlites until she was kidnapped by the Elkyone Labs for three and a half years. Now rescued, she is in the slightly uncomfortable position of still thinking herself a Kahlite, while at the same time being the beta of the unofficial Lab pack.

Physical Appearance

Kepler is one of those people who seems plain until you look at her, and then you realize just how pretty she actually is. She has an oval face much like Botticelli would paint, with a long nose and almond dark eyes. Her wavy hair is fairly long, still fairly thick despite everything, and a medium brown/dark blonde with lighter, golden-brown strands all through it. Her clothes have a tendency to be loose and androgynous, unless she’s wearing a dress. Unless otherwise mentioned, she’s wearing fingerless gloves that cover her elbows. Roughly 5’7, Kepler is thinner than she should be, pale and still sickly look. She has discoloured scars on the insides of her arms and wrists from needles, as well as scars on the back of her right hand. Those last scars are self-inflicted.

Her voice is low and rich, a storyteller’s voice that she uses like an instrument. It is easily the most distinctive thing about her.


Kepler is large for a female were, being nearly twice the size of a normal wolf. She also doesn’t seem to have a solid colour to her fur. Instead, her undercoat is a pale yellow like a timber wolf, and she’s covered in a flecking of darker grey, black and brown. Like her human form, she’s too thin, and her scars can still be seen on her forelegs.



  • Type: unbonded
  • Family:
    • Marnie Holbrock nee Kepler – mother, deceased
    • Theodore “Ted” Holbrock – stepfather, deceased
    • Jemimah Holbrock – half-sister, deceased
    • Sabine Whitney – foster-mother, deceased
    • Patrick Whitney – foster-father, deceased
  • Enemies:
    • Elkyone Private Hospital
  • Acquaintances:


Kepler is a survivor. This does not mean that she possesses particularly successful traits, just that she manages to survive with the ones she has. She's sarcastic, selfish, duplicitous, contrary and self-destructive. On the other hand, she's also sweet, loyal, whimsical, very creative, eloquent and protective, with a finely tuned (if highly individual) sense of right and wrong. At the same time as being almost bitterly cynical, she craves approval, and her self-esteem is easily knocked around. Kepler's exceedingly smart, even if her grades only intermittently showed it, and has a patchy-yet-encyclopaedic knowledge of whatever took her fancy. Self-diagnosed (entirely correctly) as having ADD, Kepler alternates between extreme boredom and extreme focus; spending three and a half years locked in a cell has done nothing with her Phase-driven urge to find balance between the two states.


  • Birthplace: Vancouver
  • Education:
    • English
  • Religion: atheist
  • Sexuality: homosexual


Marnie Kepler was born in Quebec, but gave birth to her oldest daughter at the age of eighteen in the city of Vancouver. Calling the girl Rochelle Ann, Marnie listed the father as ‘unknown’ and never clarified on the matter. Marnie, who was bright, educated and presumably kicked out of home by her very religious parents, raised Rochelle as best she could, given the self-destructive cycle she’d gotten herself onto. There were a series of boyfriends, churches, and homes before Marine married Ted Holbrock when Rochelle was eight. When Rochelle was eleven, her half-sister, Jemimah was born. When Rochelle was twelve, Ted began sexually abusing her. She started running away from home, and when she was fourteen, she tried heroin during one of those nights spent on the streets. When she was fifteen, she Changed for the first time under the light of the Skaal moon, and killed her stepfather as she did so.

The next day, the Thornehart brothers found her in Pacific Spirit, blank-eyed and covered in blood. Hearing them, the girl looked up and without knowing it, said the one thing that could have hit both their Callings: he’s not going to hurt me anymore, is he. After that, neither Nikola the Guardian nor Nine the Judge could have walked away. Instead, the seventeen-year-old boys took her to Scott Blehnwar for some much needed care. Between Scott and her new foster-parents (Sabine Whitney was a Kahlite wolf herself), Kepler got back onto if not the right track, then at least a manageable one. As her life stabilised, Kepler started to find a balance that her life had previously lacked. She joined the Kahlite pack and managed by the age of seventeen to kick her heroin habit, slowly and painfully replacing it by a writing habit. She also managed to get a place at the UBC, majoring in English. But before she could finish her post-grad, the War happened.

Then she got captured and dragged off to the Elkyone Private Hospital.

Her Calling and previous heroin habit had trained her body in how to react to withdrawal, and it was a year before Kepler stopped throwing up over not being able to write. Partly, the withdrawal stopped because Kepler, in her desperation, channelled her Calling to Fixate on something else, anything else, as long as she could get a regular hit. Her Calling joined forces with her sexuality, and chose the pretty, cheerful Aras Elkyone. Kepler, with all the ambivalent, conflicted feelings of an addict, accepted this with resignation. Over the course of the last three and a half years, she has also developed into the unofficial beta of the unofficial laboratory pack. Teaming up with Griffin - which was easy enough to do given he lived in the opposite cell and accepted her English lessons - Kepler helped him in keeping the pack as sane as is possible. Using her eloquence, her memory and her Gift, Kepler told them stories and illusions moving pictures to give them something else to think about. She also did this to remind them that they are more than the lab subjects they are now treated as, and because they are her pack. At the same time, Kepler became increasingly unafraid of using her illusions to punish members who pick on more vulnerable amongst them.

At least, when the Elkyones hadn’t put her on Gift suppressants to see how she can handle the side-effects. Or when she wasn’t curled up in a sobbing ball, or hitting her head against the wall, or….

In the end of the day, Kepler was just as prone to snapping and panicking as any other prisoner.

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