Scott Blehnwar

Roleplayer: Sunreon

Date of Birth: 1950
Phase: Kuduma
Gift: Craftsman's Gift
Calling: Sentinel's Calling
Pack: Kahlite
Rank: Gamma

Scott Blehnwar (born 1950) is a werewolf and was recently promoted to the Gamma male of the Kahlite Pack, from his Delta position. He was born a werewolf to an Epsilon of the Algonquin Pack in Whitney, Ontario. Before the collapse of the world he was a metalwork and sculpting professor at the University of British Columbia, with a MFA from the University of Ontario. Also a fully capable blacksmith. Now he works primarily as a blacksmith and repairman for the residents of Point Grey. He lives in a house set apart from the rest of the residential areas, on the south-eastern side of the campus close to Pacific Spirit Forest.

Physical Appearance

Height: 6'4"
Build: Fit, very muscular and bulky upper body, especially shoulders and arms.
Features: Blocky, strong-cut facial features, his nose is slightly crooked
Eyes: bluish-green hazel that is rather indescribable, only that it's NOT brown. In direct light, they have a mostly-light hue, with a dark ring around the edges, but when not in direct light, they can appear dark blue or green or inbetween.
Hair: dirty light brown; almost-chin length grown-out; somewhat wavey, a little curly in some spots.
Has moderate light-brown body hair.
Scars, markings, unusual characteristics: various scars all over his arms and hands from hot metal and sparks, a few on his face; has very prominent veins on his hands and arms.
Usually a bit scruffy, a bit dirty.


Large, bulkier wolf, slightly duller claws than most. A dull beige colour, with underside markings of a light grey, and the same grey caps his toes. A rich brown tips the fur on his hackles and the back of his tail, also accenting his ears, and forming markings around his eyes and muzzle.

In Fire-blooded state he is slightly taller than 9 1/2" at a standing state, larger than the average Fire-blood were. His upper body is even more enhanced in this state, almost disproportionately so, meaning that he usually walks on all fours or supports himself with his long upper arms for ease of balance when he has gone Fire-blooded.



Scott cares about others. He cares about his pack. His loyalty, above all things, is to the Kahlites as a whole. To those who need it, he's patient, soft-spoken, and surprisingly gentle for someone as big and physically intimidating as he is. He can be curt and brusque, holding a conversation that consists entirely of grunts and other nonverbal communication. But he's a stout friend, and a firm protector of the pack, with a fairly easy smile. Scott's ended up as a somewhat father figure to many of the young weres that he took care of, and doesn't seem to mind.


A born werewolf, gifted metal worker, has been a part of Kahlite pack and living on the campus for over 25 years. Was a Delta prior to the hierarchy upset with Elkyone Labs and the War. Joined the Kahlite pack when he left his father's pack in Toronto and moved to the west coast. The humans in Point Grey think he's about 35, although those who have been on campus since he arrive are slightly puzzled at how well he's aging. "Good living," Scott tells them, with a small smile. Has a house on the campus with metal sculpture in the yard and coming off of the house, sheets with fantastic designs in and on them. Wears steels bracers/wrist cuffs and often gives adornments to couples when they bond. Gifts the alpha with a finely crafted bronze toque upon meeting them for the first time after they gain their status.

Is well-acquainted with pack life, won't talk much about the way Kahlite was, or how his old packs were during his life. Seems to be very content with the purpose that he has kept, even though he's no longer the Delta. Is thought of as a carer of "troubled youths" by the humans on campus.

Was mated to Josephine, who was killed by the Vanguard when Damien was captured in Vancouver. Doesn't talk about it.



Scott is one of the most gifted Crafters that can be found in the Pacific Northwest. His Gift is attuned to all metals, and he has shown both particularly delicate control and unbelievable strength when using it. Some instances of his Crafting have shown the ability to sense the different types of metal in a mixed piece, mending jewelry, cutting sheetmetal, and enhancing his natural strength to bend an I-beam. He's very practiced and adept at restraining others with this ability.

He also has an extremely sensitive nose, even for a Kuduma. Scott's sense of smell in human form is as good or better than most weres when they are Shifted, and he relies on it in his everyday life.


Kept over from his old position as Delta, Scott has the responsibility of taking in newly-Turned werewolves until they can control their abilities after the initial shock of Changing. He is also responsible for teaching them about werewolf society, history, and ettiquette. He helps Slayers and Infectors deal with their urges, runs with a student on their first few Phases, and is usually the first to find out what their Gift is.

Physically, Scott is an excellent candidate for the role because of his size and strength. Very few werewolves are stronger than him in human form due to his constant heavy work, and he is capable of restraining many of the smaller Shifted weres as well without having to Shift himself.

Emotionally and mentally, he is a calm pillar of guidance, showing a firm patience and deep care for weres who are usually young and have come to him in a state of shock or panic. He has developed mental shields over long years of exposure to Telepaths so can generally deal with the weak first attacks of weres with mental Gifts.

Also useful in any situation needing physical restraint, Scott's Gift is invaluable. His preferred method is to "staple" the individual to the floor or the wall.

Scott tends to develop strong relationships with his students, and has assumed a surrogate father figure position multiple times. You take someone into your home, you care for them, you're a positive influence in their life, you teach them and guide them, it's bound to happen. And usually, he cares for them just as much as a father would. Those students are always welcome.


Scott is very protective of his home, specifically his house. Very few have permission to enter without knocking. That privilege is and was reserved for Jossy, and the students he loved. They lived with him, and as far as he's concerned, they will always have a home in his house.

On the other hand, everybody else has to knock, and is not allowed inside if he's not home. Scott views it as an extreme breach of his trust and privacy, and has been known to react excessively.

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