Confers the ability to hide in plain sight by literally becoming one with the shadows. An enraged Feral could be about to rip the throat from an intruding Stalker one minute, and find them gone without a trace the next.

They can be seen by other Shadowsteppers and Projectionists, if those weres are currently using their Gift.

Advanced Abilities: Truly talented bearers of this Gift can disappear even in full sunlight, effectively granting them invisibility. They can even hide their scent.

Associated Phases: Arkai

Written by: Skiecrow

  1. Rift characters with this Gift: 7

Sophie Dean: Quite advanced, can for brief moments hide herself in the sun, however she cannot do it for very long and she can't disguise her scent very well or focus very well while doing so as it takes a lot of consentration to remain invisible. In shadow she's quite adept at hiding her smell, however she only does so for shorter amounts of time as between keeping hidden and hiding her smell she has to focus on her surroundings too.
Sapphire Laurell
Teeny Faust
Alsoomse Rowtag
Natasha Manklo
Crest Mani
Aleksandra Yavlinsky

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