Moonphase: Half Moon

The Half Moon Phase is dualist in nature, struggling for balance. There are generally two sides to a Skaal, and it is difficult to get to know both. Extremely intelligent and diplomatic, and sometimes duplicitous, it is often a Half Moon who has the last word in any argument, acting as judge and executioner. Often able to see both sides to every dispute, Skaal are driven by their personal sense of justice, right, and truth. Of all the Phases, a Skaal is best able to make use of his human and wolf selves in harmony, maintaining both feral nature and the draw to civilization without giving in to one or the other. A Skaal is often a devil’s advocate, the most likely to stand up and criticize the alpha, and often the werewolf to find solutions to problems facing the pack. Gifted with eloquence and skilled in communication, many Skaal can commune with individuals of all backgrounds, and some can speak with animals, or even the dead.

Roles: Diplomats, Ambassadors, Judges, Mediators, Paladins, Debaters, Truth-Seekers, Leaders

Primary Attributes: Balance, Wisdom, Diplomacy, Eloquence, Duplicity, Persuasion

Gifts: Regeneration, Deadspeech, Telepathy, Animal Communion, Empathy, Leeching, Illusion

Written by: Skiecrow

Prominent Skaal

Ari Seaver
Briar Williams
Elise Pricht
John “Roman” Veritas
Jordan Conners
Leonid Yavlinsky (NPC)
Rochelle Kepler
Sapphire “Saph” Juliana Laurell
Zea Mazuo


Caleb Thrawmoore

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