Sophie "Phie" Dean

Roleplayer: Vildea

Date of Birth: July 3, 1983
Phase: Arkai
Gift: Shadowstepping
Calling: Judgement's
Pack: Kahlite
Rank: Zeta

Sophie "Phie" Dean is a werewolf and a Zeta in the Kahlite Pack. She originally comes from Seattle but travelled up towards Vancouver after the apocalypse.

Physical Appearance

At 5’4” Sophie often finds herself looking up at people (and in the unfortunate position of seeing nose hair quite often). With a friendly and open face, she’s usually smiling or grinning, or simply laughing like a loon, her blueish-green eyes usually sparkling joyfully. Although she’s short, Sophie’s quite skinny and could probably be described as being a bit gangly. If she’s got breasts or hips they’re usually hidden beneath flowy dresses and large t-shirts and sweaters, whichever is within reach when she wakes up. It’s not unusual to see her with unkempt hair, or a bedhead, as she’s pretty grumpy and tired when she wakes up, it’s also not unusual for her to make an extremely poor choice of clothing upon awakening. She’s a bit on the pale side, despite being out in the sun as often as she can, she just doesn’t seem to get any tanner and when she tries, she ends up looking like a boiled lobster.


As a wolf, Sophie is built for speed and agility rather than power and fighting, she’s small enough to slip between creaks and quick enough to successfully chase and kill a rabbit. Her fur is shaggy and she’s got a dark brown patch on her back. Her belly is a dark cream, as are her paws and her chest, she's also got markings around her eyes in the same colour. Otherwise she’s a simple chocolate-brown wolf with a tail seeming a bit too thick for her smaller body.


Sophie is a Shadowstepper and a rather advanced one at that. She's extremly good at staying hidden and staying quiet, although her ability to mask her scent isn't quite as good yet. She also has a bad habit of forgetting to check whether or not she's left prints while shadowstepping. Still, when in need of it she can concentrate enough to mask her scent, and keep tabs on her pawprints although she tends to tire after awhile. She can often be found practicing her scent-hiding and her stepping while hunting smaller prey, stalking other wolves (only for fun so far though) or watching humans.

When travelling from Seattle to Vancouver it was her shadowstepping that kept her safe and away from most infected. While she was only travelling for some days, it did work as a crash-course in keeping hidden, staying quiet, masking her scent and hiding her prints. Without the ability to shadowstep Sophie probably wouldn't have gotten to Vancouver as healthy as she did.



  • Susanna Dean - mother, deceased.
  • Andre Dean - father, deceased.
  • Erica Dean - aunt, mother-figure and best-friend, missing.
  • Ada Dean - grandmother, deceased.
  • Camron Dean - grandfather, deceased.



  • Emmi - more unfriendly than an enemy though.



Sophie, or Phie is pretty much known for her cheerfulness and generally happy and friendly attitude. She's rarely upset or moody, although as an Arkai it's hard to tell if it's all lies or if she's just very hard to upset. She's kind and truly enjoys meeting new people and being around people, unless they are Feros in which case Phie will do her utmost to avoid them unless they're in public and around others.

As far as friends goes Sophie prefers people who can joke and knows how to have fun, anyone who's she yet to see crack a smile are quickly labeled as "boring". Besides the Feros there's only one other type of people that she doesn't care much for and that's people who appear unstable. These people are quickly labeled "insane" and mostly ignored unless she truly needs to deal with them. Being one of the wolves that deal with initiation tasks however she has to deal with Alexi Vishinsky who she labled insane after an incident in Brock Hall.

Although she has Judgement's Calling she rarely shows any sign of it, she does believe in justice but has so far (at least not while part of the Kahlites) not shown any signs of her Calling.




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