Recipe for a Soulbond

  • an exchange of blood
  • an exchange of gifts (usually jewelry)
  • buckets of LOVE

A soulbond is a spiritual merge of souls between two people, usually either lovers or close friends. Soulbonding is an uncommon practice, since not much is known about it. It is, however, common knowledge that soulbonding results in complete access to one another's thoughts, and that when one of the soulbonded pair dies, so does the other. Soulbonds are often experienced differently from individual to individual


Soulbonding requires a ritual along with the willing participation of both individuals involved. The ritual consists of the exchange of blood and an exchange of gifts, which are usually worn as jewelry. The gift is considered a conduit of the bond and removing it causes both individuals extreme pain. Two people cannot accidentally soulbond; if they happen to exchange blood and gifts but are not aware or intentionally soulbonding, the ritual is nullified.

Soulbonding Benefits

  • shared thoughts
  • ability to peruse one another's memories
  • powerful empathic connection
  • shared sensations of pleasure
  • rarely, shared Gifts
  • simultaneous death

Soulbonding Repercussions

  • zero privacy
  • greater possibility of an early death
  • shared sensations of pain
  • possibility of a severed bond

Severed Bonds

It is possible for a soulbonded pair to sever. In the event of one's sudden and unexpected death, the other may be left severed. Often they suffer such extreme pain and anguish that they die of heartbreak or their own hand.

Severing can result if both partners drift apart from one another until so emotionally distant that the tie breaks. This is extremely rare and usually requires a catalyst of some sort which changes how they feel about one another.

Notable Soulbonds

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