The Snap

The Snap is a highly contagious, biologically engineered virus (bacteria?) responsible for what most refer to as the Apocalypse. The first outbreak took place in a Tokyo subway on July 6th, 2006, and within a matter of days there were cases in nearly every country the world over. The Snap is an airborne contagion entering through the lungs and causing muscle deterioration and necrosis, usually ending when the virus infects the brainstem or when the lungs cease to function.


The Snap is an airborne contagion. It is easily passed from host to host, as it causes a persistent cough. Any human in the vicinity of an infected individual will catch it.


The first symptom seems no different than a common cold: sore throat and a persistent cough present minutes after the Snap has been contracted. Within 24 hours, stiffness and intense pain in the shoulders and neck occur. These are the first symptoms of the necrosis, which travels fast, debilitating the lungs and eventually attacking the brain stem. A patient presenting with necrosis around the mouth has likely been infected 2-3 days. Hallucinations are not uncommon.


There is no known cure for the Snap; euthanasia is the kindest treatment.


There have been no cases of anyone recovering from the Snap. Prognosis is certain death.


It's theorized that the Snap is a more aggressive, airborne variant of necrotizing fasciitis.

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