There are two uses of the word "unbonded" when dealing with werewolf relationships.

Specifically named Unbonded werewolves have very open policies concerning sex and relationships. They generally do not mess in the love lives of Bonded werewolves, though some are callous enough to do so. It is possible that they might develop an exclusive relationship and settle down with a mate, but that is not a driving desire for them and they see no issue with sexual relationships before finding your "true love." Multiple casual relationships, flings, and one-night stands are common for an Unbonded werewolf.

Other weres who are not specifically Bonded or Unbonded are, for lack of a better word, simply called unbonded if they must be called anything at all. They like to think of themselves as "normal." They do not speak of their relationship drives usually because it does not bother them. They prefer monogamy and exclusive relationships, generally being very happy to find a mate, but it does not control them and change their lives like it would a Bonded. An unbonded were may have a fling if they are not currently in a relationship, and if their chosen mate dies they are capable of moving on eventually and finding another without the difficulty that a Bonded werewolf has.

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