Most of western Washington has become overgrown with the forests and mountains, and is considerably deserted.

The Grand Coulee Dam collapsed less than a year after the Snap wiped out the surrounding town, and the rush of water and concrete took out every dam and bridge and town along the river all the way down to the Pacific Ocean.

Vancouver, like Portland, has been wiped off the map. The low land of the city next to the river has been reduced to swamped rubble. The land is uninhabitable and unsalvageable.

With the great Lake Roosevelt drained, the face of eastern Washington has changed considerably. Small towns that once based their livings on agriculture have dried up and blown away, so to speak.

Central Washington has managed to thrive, thanks to the Cascade mountains and the transitional climate. An alliance of packs protects the humans and the land of the central area, with the Wenatchee Pack being the top group of the area.

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