A photograph of Aconitum variegatum (wolfsbane)

Wolfsbane is a genus of flowering plant characterized by bell-like purple flowers and long stems. They are extremely toxic to werewolves, who respond to the presence of wolfsbane with varying degrees of extreme allergic reaction. Ingestion is unquestionably fatal unless moonseed is administered at least four hours after being consumed.
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When in the presence of wolfsbane, werewolves will feel feverish and nauseous. Physical contact usually results in itchy eyes and skin or a rash. Ingestion results in quick anaphylactic shock, with burning, tingling or numbness in the face, mouth and extremities (starting with fingers and toes), motor function is impairment and difficulty breathing. Cause of death is often asphyxiation caused by swelling of the bronchial tubes.


Administration of moonseed often leads to full recovery. Most werewolf packs keep a store of moonseed. It only grows in warm temperate to tropical climates.

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